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Joining my math class will be unlike anything you have experienced before in a classroom. Our journey through our curriculum is designed as an adventure game! You will explore, experiment, build and teach your peers! We are a City of Heroes! We will serve others through community out reach while we demonstrate our mastery of our math topics. We will build with legos, experiment with robotics and so much more! You will be able to explore math like never before, gaining XP points and unlocking achievements, that will give your hero special abilities in the classroom! I hope your ready for some excitment and learning! I'm excited and hope you are too! See you soon, in the mean time check back here for videos, blogs, contest and more!

We are Heroes!

Mr. Owens

About Mr. Owens

Mr. Owens is a pirate, time traveler, adventurer and scientist! Lego Enthusiast, Comic Book Reader, Star Wars fanatic and robot builder, and is a member of Slythrin!

Mr. Owens received his Associates Degree in Fine Arts in 2001, from Gaston College. He then transferred to UNCC and completed his Bachelors of Arts in Computer Science with a Minor in Mathematics. Completed his Lincensure for teaching middle grades mathematics through UNCC, and currently a graduate student at UNCC.

Mr. Owens is starting his 2nd Year teaching at Mint Hill Middle School. Crystal Apple Award Winner for Teaching in 2015 and was awarded Principal Pick at Mint Hill Middle School in 2017. Selected to become a Personalized Learning Change Agent for CMS during the 2017-2018 school Year. Selected to present at the CMS Summer Leadership Conference 2017, and will take part at Personalized Learning Institute in July 2017. Also presenting at PL Showcase at the UNCC Uptown Campus in August 2017.

Mr. Owens is married to his beautiful wife, Kristin, and has a dog named Watson, and a bearded dragon named Albus.

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Mr. Owens instagram: Chunk1439

What is FCBD?

Each year we celebrate Free Comic Book Day at our School by collecting canned goods for our families in need in exchange for comic books, posters, prizes and contest! Serve others and enter to win an autographed comic book!

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