Team Awesome

March 3-7


Regular Math: We will continue our work on surface area. We will be working on finding volume of rectangular prisms mid week. Test for this unit will be next Tuesday and Wednesday.

LOOK FOR MATH MAINTENANCE THIS WEEK! (single page on surface area)

Advanced Math - We will be finding volume of rectangular prisms with fractional edge lengths. Our test on this unit is scheduled for Friday.

POW: Unpainted Blocks


This week we will continue our unit on the universe. We will be doing some activities on gravity and work on posters for our "gallery walk" of the planets. Thursday we will be in the computer lab to research unique characteristics about planets and other celestial bodies.

Language Arts

This week in ELA, we'll be exploring the oral tradition of folklore. Students will present their folklore findings for their respective classes this week, and they'll also continue their contract work. All contract elements are due next Thursday, March 13th.

Social Studies

Our European Geography Unit continues this week. Our test will be next Tuesday. Please encourage your child to study a little each night.