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Let me know when you get this!!

Whatever your goal is for November- Double it!!

Anything you want to accomplish with your business can be done this month!! C+I has given us everything we need- now let's get the word out!! If you have a goal>>Double it!! And if you don't have a goal>> MAKE ONE AND MAKE IT BIG!!!

+++Buy Two Get One Free Promo begins Thursday!! This is on all products!! For everything your customers order they will get "buy two get one free", so the least expensive item will be free! You can combine this with the ongoing Free Gift at $125 promo and you can get multiple free items if you buy more items, for example buy 2 get 1 free, buy 2 more get another one free and so on!!

*This promo is AMAZING!!
*Customers will still get a free gift if their total comes to $125
*You can not use Raffle Codes or Reward Credits and get the promo
*Pop Up hostesses will get all the usual hostess rewards!

$$$$ Sweet Bees Say #GOODBYEZERO!!! Get LOUD about this promo! Whether you have been consistent with your business or if you are just getting started- make the most of this opportunity! You are a Chloe and Isabel merchandiser with your own boutique during the most wonderful time of the year!! You have an absolutely amazing opportunity this month!!

You are AMAZING!! You are able to juggle work, family, friends, emergencies and so much more in your lives and this is an opportunity to get the word out about what you do and provide your network with some fantastic benefits just for shopping with you!! They are going to be shopping anyway, so invite them to check out your boutique, shop with you and get Free goodies while they do!!

Let me know how I can I help you!! The number one piece of advice I have is to get the word out and pop up!

Go For It!! I believe in you!! I know you can do it!


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