The Maintenance Minutes

Maintain, Don't Gain!

Welcome to November!!!

YAY!!! You have made it through the Halloween candy isles. Now, let's gear up for all of the traditional Thanksgiving temptations. It's hard to go anywhere without your senses going into holiday overload. All of the sights, smells and sounds bring back your favorite seasonal memories, and if you're like me, your favorite seasonal foods!

Do not put too much pressure on yourself to totally resist those temptations, just modify them to continue to maintain through Thanksgiving. Below are some suggestions to help get you started....

Please share some of your favorite healthy recipes!

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The latest about holiday weight gain...

Holiday Weight Gain: Americans Comfortable With More Pounds

Don't forget to come weigh in once a week!

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There has been a random drawing from those who have weighed in at least 4 times since we started our challenge. There will be more to come....

This week's winners are .....

Kim Edwards and Ami Mickulin!!

Please come choose a prize