You are about to be a STAR team!

and it takes a Village....

There is something really fun about being a part of an elite leadership team-

and you guys are about to be just that! Star is a really fun and lucrative leadership within Stella & Dot, a spot where you have a strong personal business of 4-6 trunkshows a month and a growing team of stylists that you are mentoring, encouraging and empowering. Katie is almost there, and I want to do everything we can to help get her to that point! Katie's first priority is making sure that you each are growing a strong business for YOURSELF and that you are reaching your own individual goals. MY first priority is to help Katie reach her goal, so I am putting out a fun incentive JUST FOR YOU, her first line stylists!

I'm keeping this really simple- do the task above and earn the prize! Build your collection while you are building your business!

Plus, EVERY show in November could be a winner!

Every show you book and hold for November- whether it's in someone's home, your own, an office trunkshow, a pop-up shop in a coffee shop or salon, it gets you an entry for $100 in business supply credits!

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The trunkshow is the building block of this business-

and the more shows you have, the more people you will meet that are potential stylists and future hostesses. Check out the November Words to Say in SDU to get yourself comfortable, and then pick up the phone to fill your calendar. Getting the shows booked is the first, and most important step. Hostess coaching for good turnout, styling, selling, and booking/sponsoring at shows can all be learned from SDU, training calls (specifically Tips from the Top each week), coaching calls, and from practice- but none of that is important until you have shows booked- so get your book on and take advantage of the best selling season of they year!

Team Todallets

Jodie Strum, Associate Director

You can always reach out to me for a coaching call, to shadow a show, or just for advice.