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The Real Cost

We don't often consider were food comes from and how it got to us in our grocery stores. There is a lot more to getting produce to stores than just growing and delivering it. Fruit, vegetables, and meat come from all over the world and takes a long journey to get to our local grocery store. When it gets to our grocery store it comes at a price, the price of food often angers people because one fruit tray can be $15 but people don't understand the process it goes through.

First fruit has to be grown and picked and usually big brand fruit is grown in the millions or more. Most fruits are easy to bruise or cut so there aren't machines for a lot of fruits. Not having machines for fruit usually means they are hand picked making it more time consuming without mass harvest. From harvesting it can go to many places to a truck to be shipped to grocery stores all over the us or even flown in an airplane it can be taken to a food preservation factory to be dried to last longer. "Farm-to-table refers to the stages of the production of food harvesting , packaging , sales, and consumption . Farm-to-table also refers to a movement concerned with producing food locally and delivering that food to local consumers." Food comes at a price for a reason, farmers, truckers, grocery stores, and workers go through a lot to make sure the food at our tables safe and tasty.

Alice Paul's Message to America

Dear Future Americans

My name is Alice Paul and through my life all I wanted to do was make women's rights equal to men's rights. Through out my life and journey to make women's rights equal to all I under went some struggles and hard times that I want to tell you about. I attended Swarthmore College in 1901 and served in the Executive Board of Student Government which sparked my excitement for political activism. I was the only one out of four sisters to graduate from Swarthmore College and I did so with a Bachelor's Degree in Biology in 1905.

After going to Swarthmore I moved to a Settlement House in New York City and completed a fellowship year there. Why'll I was at the settlement house I learned that social work was not the way to get the message of women suffrage out "I knew in very short time I was never going t be social worker, because I could see that social workers were not doing much in the world... you couldn't change the situation by the social work." After all the information came to me about women's suffrage I started to work it organizations for women's suffrage and then started my own organization eventually ending women's suffrage in 1920. To future Americans and women stay strong.

Imperialism on China

Open Door Policy

As trade with China increased with other countries ant the United States, the U.S started to fear that they would be excluded from trade in China. In 1899 John Hay Secretary of State sent a series of "Open Door Notes" to the European powers and Japan requesting for a agreement on three points.

First point was each power would respect the others trading rights within there sphere of influence. Second Chinese officials would collect import duties. Third no nation would discriminate against the other's in matters of harbor duties or railroad rates within the sphere of influence.

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Why Did WW1 Happen

Why did WW1 start? Who Started it? When did it start? Where did it start?

World War one was started for many reason but the biggest reason that made WW1 escalate was alliances. Being in an alliance means having each others back , its almost like being in a mafia. When the US declared war on Germany in 1917 on the grounds where Germany violated US neutrality by attacking international ships and because the Zimmermann Telegram Sent to Mexico by Germany. When we declared war against Germany all of Germany's allies saw the US as an enemy making the allies involved in the war. United States allies saw that the US were going t war against Germany so they helped out the US by sending supplies and sending troops. France and Great Britain were involved now which made them enemy to Germany and its allies. Now instead of having two countries at war you have five or six.

Al Capone

Al Capone was one of the most famous mobsters of the 1900's. Capone owned Chicago as he gained power by the side of Johnny Torrio he had a hardy image and wasn't someone to mess with. When he became head poncho he started to take over other mafias who opposed him. When alcohol became illegal gangsters like Al Capone took advantage of the loss of alcohol and started to produce it making lots of money.

Jack Dempsey

Jack Dempsey was an American professional boxer who became and icon in the 20's. Dempsey held the world Heavy Weight Championship fro 1919 t 1926. His aggressive style, agility, strength, and speed played a key part in his victories. Dempsey is in the Boxing Hall of Fame and wad introduced to The Ring magazine's Boxing Hall of Fame in 1951.