President Andrew Jackson

Michaela Gerard 7th


Andrew Jackson's inauguration was very different from other ceremonies before him. Everyone; Man, woman, even dogs were welcome. Not only were people on the lawn, but actually inside the president's House also. The party was so chaotic, that Jackson had to be removed from his own house to keep safe.

Trail of Tears

The Cherokee had just won Worcester vs. Georgia, and went back to their daily lives. Andrew Jackson decided to ignore the judges's ruling and send the Cherokee to Oklahoma. When they agreed, a very hard winter came leaving thousands to suffer. Many travelers died from starvation, dehydration, sickness/lack of medicine, and obviously the cold.

Nullification Crisis

The South became very upset since they had to pay for the Tariffs of 1828 and 1832. They were into agriculture and no manufacturing at all. South Carolina threatens to secede from the Union if the tariffs don't go away. In return, Congress passes the Force Bill, which allows Andrew Jackson to bring the U.S. Army to S.C., while also threatening to hang john C. Calhoun. Henry Clay resolves this conflict by creating the 1833 Compromise Tariff.

Political Cartoon

Andrew Jackson was in some ways a king. Especially if you look at the Trail of Tears. Moving the Native Americans for public reasons is unconstitutional, yet he did it anyway.


I cannot stand Andrew Jackson. I ask myself everyday why he was ever elected. This monster of a man is an abomination to not only the Native Americans, but to all of the United States. I will not vote for him, nor should he become the president for a 2nd term.

-A very angry Cherokee Indidan

Andrew Jackson is the best thing to happen to this country. Ever. What would we be without him? Not rich, that's for sure. I've found so much more gold now since the Cherokee left. And let's not forget Jackson's Inauguration! It took me a week to recover from that one! Let's hope it happens again!

-A Southerner