the world is dying

the world flora and fauna are dying thanks to hunters

The Philippine Tarsier

The Philippine Tarsier is a species of Tarsier that live on the south east part of the archipelago which is in the Philippines. The Philippine Tarsier use to live in the lush rain forests but now most of them have been forced to live on the street because of logging, mining and crop land. Also poachers and hunters capture them and kill them or sell them as pets. When Tarsiers are kept in captivity they usually only live half as long as normal so they will die about 6yrs old and they would live to 12yrs old in the wild.

snow leopard

Snow leopards are found in the mountains of central Asia. The Snow leopards habitat is very rugged and there habitat range is about 2 million km roughly the size of Greenland. The snow leopards normally live 3,000 to 5,000 meters above sea level. The snow leopard is Endangered because they are being poached for their bones, and skin which are used for clothing and decoration

what does endangered mean

An endangered species is one that has seen a drastic decrease in numbers, to the point that the animal may eventually be in danger of extinction.

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