Main Coon Cats

By: Samantha Boyer

Geting to Know Main Coons

Main coons are a cross bread of a racoon and a domestic cat. This loving and smart cat bread are Known for their nice gentle giant attitude. Main coons are very frisky. These cats are great for showing cats. The long bushy fury tail and neck will give you extra points. Cat are messy and are hard to keep track of. Take care of your feline. Main coons are a great choice for cat owners.

Keeping your Main Coon Healthy

Main coons are a lot of work. You must feed and groom daily. Brushing is necessary for long haired cats. Exercise is also important. Make sure your cat is fit and rested. Main coons can be lazy if not played with. Entertain your cat and show affection. Don't keep stuff your cat can choke on. Keep small objects away from your cat. Cats are great entertainers and lovers. A main coon is a perfect choice for most loving cat owners.