SJIIES - Singapore Record Holders!

For the largest Ceilidh in Singapore

Scottish Dancing Singapore Record

Thanks for showing your commitment and perseverance!

Congratulations to our children who yesterday set a new Singapore Record for the Largest Mass Scottish Dance! All children from Grade 1 up were involved and they took great delight in swinging their partners around and charging up and down the lines.

The children were piped in by a local piper which helped set the tone. A huge collection of parents were in attendance which added to the festive occasion and showed what a wonderful community we are. The children looked amazing in their sashes and the staff all wore rosettes on their tops.

Thank you to all the mums involved in cutting and sewing and pinning. Another superb effort!

We missed Mr Mac who was the driving force behind the event so imagine everyone’s delight when he and Mrs Mac were beamed in over Skype onto the wall so they were even larger than life.

Mr V and Mrs Crossland did a super job in Mr Macs absence.