The RUNdown

Week of December 6th

SOL Testing

Non Writing SOLs = December 7-10

Make-Ups and Expedited Retakes = December 13-15

December 7

  • World History II, Biology, Earth Science and Chemistry

December 8

  • Reading

December 9

  • World History II and VA US

December 10

  • Algebra I, Algebra II and Geometry


December 13

  • World History II, Biology, Earth Science, Chemistry and Reading (make-ups/expedited retakes)

December 14

  • WHII and VA US (make-ups/expedited retakes)

December 15

  • Algebra I, Algebra II and Geometry (make-ups/expedited retakes)

Teachers will provide students with testing time and location. If you have any questions, please see Ms. Embrey in the Testing Office (room 206) or send her an email (

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Upcoming Athletic and Extracurricular Events

Friday, December 3:

  • Boys Basketball vs. Manassas Park (home) 5:30 and 7pm
  • Girls Basketball at Manassas Park - 5:30 and 7pm

Saturday, December 4:

  • Swim vs. Millbrook at Jim Barnett - 9am

  • Wrestling at Brentsville - 9am

Wednesday, December 8th:

  • Boys Basketball @ Eastern View 5:30 and 7pm
  • Girls Basketball vs. Eastern View (home) 5:30 and 7pm

  • Academic Team vs. Liberty (home) 5pm

  • JV Wrestling @ Brentsville 6pm

Thursday, December 9th:

  • Winter Track at Fauquier - 5pm
  • Winter Choir Concert 7pm

Friday, December 10th:

  • Boys Basketball vs. Liberty (home) 5, 6:15, and 7pm
  • Girls Basketball at Liberty - 5:30 and 7pm
  • Swim at WARF 7pm

Saturday, December 11th:

  • District Band -All Day
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Tardies to School:

  • The building clocks reflect actual time
  • Students - please ensure that you are on-time to avoid being marked tardy (the first bell rings at 7:25am, the tardy bell follows at 7:30am)


  • Masks (covering the mouth and nose) are still required of all students, staff, and visitors
  • Please ensure that your student has a mask and brings it to school each day
  • Mesh masks are not acceptable


  • Students are not permitted to ride the bus home with other students or be dropped off at alternative locations per Fauquier County Transportation.

Food Deliveries:

  • Students - please be mindful that food deliveries (from outside vendors) are prohibited during the school day

Community Outreach

December 17th Schedule

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Cougar Counseling

Please visit the KR School Counseling website for the latest Counseling information.

FCPS Formal Assessment Policy/End-of-Term Academic Incentive (formerly Exam Exemption)

Teachers are required to formally assess students throughout the term. These assessments should be authentic in nature, where students actively demonstrate knowledge through presentations, projects, reports, portfolios, etc. Ideally, this will occur the end of a unit, course, semester, program, and/or school year.

For the 2021-2022 school year, the timeline for these assessments is as follows:

First Term -

  • Midterm - completed by October 8
  • End-of-Term - completed between December 6-17

Second Term

  • Midterm – completed by March 11
  • End-of-Term – completed between May 16-27

The ultimate goal is for students to show mastery; therefore, they will not be exempt from these midterm and end-of-term assessments.

Academic Incentive:

Fauquier County high school students are afforded the opportunity to be exempt from attending the specific class(es) on the final two days of the fall term (Thursday, December 16 and Friday, December 17) and spring term (Thursday, May 26 and Friday, May 27) provided they meet the following criteria:

  • Pass the SOL/EOC assessment (if required) during the term in which they are taking the class OR
  • Earn an A or B in the course

Due to the pandemic, this incentive is not based upon student absences.

Tutoring Lab

The student tutoring lab is OPEN. Appointments may be made ONE week prior to the scheduled tutoring date.

The following subjects will be supported:

  • Math: Algebra 1, AFDA, Geometry, & Algebra 2
  • History: World 1 History & World History 2
  • Science: Earth Science, Biology, Chemistry, & Physics
  • English: Writing Center
  • Foreign Language: Spanish, French, German, Latin, & Arabic

Any student interested in signing up can access the form during the week (M - F) by using this link:

Cougar Counseling News

Please visit the KR School Counseling website for the latest information.

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COVID-19 Quarantine Information

When a student is quarantined and/or becomes ill from COVID-19, Ms. Brown (our nurse) will contact the parent/guardian (via phone or email) and provide/confirm the length of quarantine/isolation time required. The teachers of each student will also be notified. School Counselors will then contact the parent (via email) to confirm that teachers are aware of this information. The following protocol for quarantined/isolated students (due to COVID-19 only) is being followed:

Instructional Guidelines for High School Students in Quarantine/Isolation

  • High school teachers will make links available for students to join each class virtually for the first 15-40 minutes of each class to create some synchronous learning for quarantined students.

  • The primary goal for quarantine students is to see and hear directions and content that will support their independent learning.

  • Teachers will also be available during office hours at times determined by the teacher. Each teacher will communicate the time available to students.

Please note that this learning platform is only available for students who are quarantined and/or in isolation (relative to COVID-19).

Questions relative to assignments/instruction/course-related matters while students are absent should be directed to the responsible teacher.

To view specific COVID-19 case information, please visit the FCPS Dashboard.

To learn more about quarantine requirements, close contacts, and vaccination information, please review this newsletter from the division.

Please remember that masks (covering the mouth and nose) are required while inside our building. This applies to parents, guardians as well.

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