Secondary Update

Monday 1 June 2015

Thank you....

... to all staff who were able to support the Y6 Exhibition groups during their process and/or on the evening. It was great to see a good number of us there to support them.

... to the Susie, Amanda and Madeleine for their work in preparation for their ESF visit this week. A massive job pulling the different aspects of their roles together and readying themselves for their review this week.

... to Terri (Intro to Yoga), Annette, Sue, Matt B, Asa (Introduction to Mindfulness) for holding these sessions for Year 7, 9 and 10 students. While not many Y10 took the opportunity, it was a great addition to the Day Zero programme

... to Lis, Maggie, Gemma, Gill, Matt B, Flora, Susie, Amanda, Madeleine and Brian who have been charged with guiding our graduating cohort. Nice job - lots to be proud of there.

Graduation and Dinner

While the team get special mention above, I know they would acknowledge that we all played a role at some stage in shaping the experiences and therefore the development for this years' cohort.

These boys and girls are an "amazing bunch" who have acquitted themselves extremely well over the last few weeks (and years)

Our opportunity this week to celebrate them, and each other, on a job well done - enjoy!!

HEO Review

ESFC wanted to get a picture of the great work happening for students across the Foundation in the HE area. It is our turn to show our wares as the newest to the programme. Susie attended a previous review of another ESF school and along with Amanda and Madeleine have compiled the HEO handbook in preparation for this visit. We look forward to receiving the report from the ESFC which I'm sure will acknowledge and celebrate the support that our kids receive through the systems and philosophy that our team have brought to their work.

Assessment Policy - partial redraft

Below is Adrian's latest attempt to summarise our position in relation the creation of Semester 2 grades and End of Year MYP Grades.

HODs will be discussing this at a meeting soon. If staff have any questions or need clarification on any aspect of this rewrite, please email Adrian.

Semester grades

At the end of each semester, MYP teachers must make judgements on their student’s achievement levels in their subjects. To determine final levels of achievement for the semester, teachers are expected to gather evidence of achievement from a range of learning experiences and assessments. This evidence must be matched to the appropriate assessment criteria. Teachers need to ensure that this evidence comes from the performance of the student over the duration of the units taught.

End of Year 11 MYP grades

In the case of Year 11 end-of-MYP results which appear on students end-of-MYP Certificates, final level of achievement judgements must be based on all work completed over the course of the entire year.

Brian and Andy's 360 Feedback

As previously discussed, I will invite all staff to complete our evaluations for this year.

Staff names and email addresses are collected as part of the process. As I have mentioned previously this is a process that we want to persist with. Feedback we have received through a named process has been excellent - pointing out both strengths and areas for development.

Typically as you saw with Adrian and Sue's feedback, we collate them and look at patterns to your responses and will share those patterns with you. The areas for development will form the basis for conversations that we have in the new year.

Your input is encouraged and welcomed.

Have a great day and week