Home Remedies!

By- Miriam Elizabeth Acosta


In this article you will be informed about different home remedies that I will share. I hope in the future you will try them after reading this. You must remember that just doing these things one time will not work, which is why it is a step by step progress.

History- How and why?

For most of these remedies, I have known them sense I was a little girl. My elder family members would inform me of these if I needed something to help me with a conflict. On my free time I search the web for new and exciting ones. I have known and discovered many interesting remedies and I plan to find more.

Remedies For Long Healthy Hair

In the past I have always had very long hair that I adored massively. Aside from that, it was really hard to take care of. So I did what I had to do…..cut my hair, and when I say cut, I mean cut! To be exact, I cut off ten inches. I have to admit that I liked it to my chin for about a week. Not having to brush for a long time, shorter showers, and the light weight. But then I had realized what I had done. Guilt came over me and it has ever sense. So I took charge and discovered these remedies. The first is after you shampoo in the shower to put apple cider vinegar in your hair. It is great for your roots. Another is to boil some onions in water, after words put your hair in the water. I know this sounds crazy but it gives you a great shine and strengthens your hair. It’s great to get a trim about every 4 to 6 weeks because as long as your hair is healthy, the more it will want to grow. Never scrub your shampoo in your hair, massage it into your scalp. The final one is you are what you eat. There are foods that are great for your hair like eggs, strawberries, and lettuce. If some of these things are a challenge just remember to give your hair the love that it needs. 

Other Exciting Things To Try!

If you were interested in the hair tips I just gave you, you are going to love these next ones! For those of you with sore throat the best thing for you to do is to mix some honey and lime (or lemon) in a small cup, heat it up, and drink. It with help sooth your throat and will feel a lot better. If you are one of those teens with acne or blackheads, the thing to try is Pepto Bismo. I know it sounds crazy but if you put it on your face like a mask, it should do the trick if you do it twice a week. Just leave it on for about 30-45 min and wash off with cold water. If you have dry hand hard hands, if you get a jar and fill 2/3 of it with sugar and the last section with Dawn Hand Renewal, mix and keep adding sugar until a paste. Wash your hands well, the sugar with take off the dead skin and make your hands baby soft. You can make the jar of hand scrub a great gift for people too. Just seal the jar and maybe put a ribbon on it and it’s the perfect mother’s day, birthday, or even Christmas gift.

The Present

I myself have tried these and I can guarantee that they work. Don’t expect them to work the first time cause for some of these you have to do it more than once. They can be used on free time and they are great for a ladies night. To this day I will keep finding more and more ideas and I am excited to share more with people.