Wolves :)

Diet and Behavior


  • Western part of U.S wolfs mostly prey on elk, deer, and moose
  • they are opportunistic eaters which means they eat anything that they can find
  • Rabbits beavers, and dead animals
  • Adult wolves eat 5 to 14 pounds of meat each day they eat
  • Hunts are 3%- 15% successful
  • sometimes they go 12 days without feeding
  • so when they kill something sometimes they devour the carcas and eat as much as 20 pounds


  • a wolfs sense of smell is way stronger than humans
  • they can smell something like prey from up to 1.5 miles away
  • they can use their scent to mark territory establish position of a site kill
  • it helps them capture their prey
  • wolf's communication contains howls, whines, growls, and barks
  • they howl to assemble their pack and warn intruders
  • a pack's howling session can last up to 85 seconds long
  • wolves can use body language as a form of communication
  • facial expressions can be used
  • can snare teeth and point erect ears to indicate dominance

Wolf Hunting Tactics