Big Nate Game On

By Lincoln Peirce

By: Noah Schertz


Do you like funny and action? Well you got it here Big Nate By Lincoln Peirce. He wrote Great Minds Think alike and What Could Possibly Go Wrong. lincoln was born October 28, 1963, today he lives in Portland, Maine. the books he writes are Fiction, Realistic Fiction, Fantasy/ Fairytail and Comedy.

Book Review 2

Most the time you see Nate, Teddy and Francis. Most of the time you see them at sports at practice and games. The beginning Nate is playing basketball games losing. Then he is on the end of bench and fell and got a concussoin on the forehead. End Francis gets his cat out and Nate freaks out. The middle Nate is playing baseball. Nate dad put his red shirt puts in washer and his jersey white and then turns pink. then cat comes in and freaks out playing ball with dad. End his coach makes his team do extreme practice . The end he gets hit an the ribs.

book Review 3

Liked: About book is a great then bad.

Liked: Is that Nate is crazy and funny.

Disliked: Is that the ending was really bad.

Disliked: Is that it was worried and crazy.

I would would change the ending because it don't have much action in to it.

Book Review 4

T-T-T Remind me of: Soccer Upset because it remained me of my games lost.

T-T-W Remind me of: sports aroud the world because the book shoud 3 different sports baseball, soccer, and basketball.

T-T-S Remind me of soccer because one part is about a practice then a soccer games.

Book Review 5

I would recommend this to a friend because he plays sports and reads alot of sports. this book was funny.