Is he really such a great president?

Not reassuring enough

He's not very assuring when it comes to important things with the nation. He wants to help people help themselves, but isn't very confident with how to do that. Also everything that the people were used to, he's just taking away and doesn't do anything to replace them with.

Too chicken to really fix problems

Hoover makes attempts to fix things, but doesn't really succeed. By him being afraid to really go through with things, many lifes have been lost and people have become homeless and without work. When the soldiers marched in D.C. for their bonus, Hoover was simply afraid of what could happen. Also because of his unwillingness people have created Hoovervilles, or Shantytowns.

Direct releif

He was set on the idea of people helping themselves, and with that there wasn't much help from the government, because they didn't know what to do. This hurt the nation because many people were not able to get back on their feet.

Thinks it's all about the goverment

He has the idea that the government should be involved in anything, and everything. This was not necessarily true.