Kelly's Porfolio

By: Kelly Wray

My favorite journal

My favorite journal was Christmas break, becuase I got to share all the cool things I got. Also, I saw family that I havent seen in a while. Found out that my brothers fiance is going to college. I was able get have a break from school and sleep. There was only one bad thing about the break. That was that my girl broke up with me.

What does it take to be a survivor? and What is worth fighting for?

What does it take to be survivor- In this story a man lands on this Island and does not know what is going on. This relates to me, because I go a lot of places and do not know what is going on. So he is on this Island and finds a house. He meets these people and soon finds out that they are trying to kill him and eat him. To be a survivor in this world you need help. You cannot do it alone as a child. I have never been shot at or chased for my life before. Nor have I been stranded on an Island like the man in the story. In the end he killed the cannibals, and escapes death.

What is worth fighting for? - In this story a kid that is given money to go to the store is scared because a gang of people keep taking it. He is yelled at to go out and not to come back till he has the things from the store. So he decides to go out and fight back. If I was in that situation I would be scared. Some of the only things worth to me fighting for are family, and friends. Nothing else matters to me because what are you going to do when you have no one left in your life to be with?


Dear Kelly, I feel you have done great this year. You could have done a lot better but you are human. My favorite project this year was the one where we had to invent something, anything. The worst one was the final one because it was hard thinking back on all these things to say. I applied myself well, I participated a lot, and I am sure I was annoying a lot too this year.

Sincerely, Kelly