Donald Diver

By: Brett Edwards

Donald Driver

Donald has two daughters and one son. Donald Driver is 38 years old and was born February 2, 1975 in Houston, Texas. He weighs 194 pounds and is 6.0 feet tall, which is 2 yards long.

Donald Driver was a dancer on dancing with the stars. He won a trophy in dancing with the stars. In football Donald Driver thought of some really good plays and caught some good plays. Donald Drivers nick name is Double D. Donald Driver was so amazing and he won a trophy for it. He had to share the trophy with his partner. Once I saw him on dancing with the stars and he was really amazing. Donald Driver quit football but he was a millionaire so he will be good for awhile.

Donald Driver had a party for his retirement. He moved once he quit football. He was at my church and I got to meet him. That was cool. He told me that he knew a lot off Brett's so I asked him if one of them was Brett Farve. He said yes. Christian is his son and we became friends. Christian is really nice and he liked some of the games that I liked. Donald Drivers middle name is Jerome. He went to Al Corn State University.

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