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Communication for the week of September 8, 2015

Reading (for reading at home tips)

Comprehension Strategy - Plot... discuss with your child the problem and how it was solved as you read fiction stories with your child this week.

Phonics Strategy - short i and x sounds. Short i and short e are easily confused sounds. As you read this week with your child help them correctly make the short i sound. It sounds like the i at the beginning of itch. X as in fox, only makes that sound after a short vowel sound. We also will discuss how when we add a s after a ck it can make the x sound like in ticks. Have fun having discussions regarding these sounds as you read with your kiddo this week.


The students will have a weekly spelling test. The words will be sent home on Monday (or Tuesday of shorter weeks.) They can take the test on Wednesday if they ask me. They have to take the test on Thursday. If they master all the spelling words (do not have to master the "words to read", just know how to read those) on Thursday, they will not have to do the post test on Friday. If they still need practice on the words, a list will be sent home Thursday. Please help them practice and they will retake the test on Friday (or the next week).

This weeks words are: six, in, it, did, sit, fix, lip, mix, pin, wig.

Words to Read

Each week the students will learn 5 or 6 high frequency words. (only 4 this week.) These are words which are found a lot in our language and many can not be sounded out. Please help your child to learn to read these words both in isolation and in sentences.

The words this week are: take, she, up, what.


Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday nights

  • Nightly math homework sheet, due the next day. (If it is not returned the next day, I have the students do it during recess or a free time.)
  • Practice spelling words, due whenever they would like to take the test. If they do not master the test, please keep practicing nightly until the post test on Friday
  • Practice the weekly Words to Read.
  • Read or be read to at least 20 minutes a night working on our weekly comprehension and phonics strategies as reading.

During the week

  • Fresh Reads - a reading sheet will be sent home weekly. This sheet will have a short story (or pictures of a story at the beginning the year). Please have your child read the story independently. With your help, please have them answer the comprehension question on the back of the sheet. Due on Fridays.
  • Decodable story - at times, some student may be sent home a decodable story to read at home. If they bring one home, please read it with them. Please sign and date the front, sending the story back to school the next day.


Here are links to help explain number bonds. Number bonds are an important concept which greatly helps when we get deep into traditional addition and subtraction. Thanks for helping your child at home with this concept.

Snack - Please send some this week. Thank you in advance.

THANK you to everyone who donated snack last week. Please keep the donation rolling in so we never fall short on snack. Your kiddos really do appreciate it and would be sad to have to go without a snack.

Donations - PLEASE, PLEASE.. the below items are needed.

To make our writing and creation workstation engaging I do ask for donations. I am looking for letter stickers, ink pads, scrap paper, foam stickers, pipe cleaners, plastic beads, TP rolls, post cards, thank you card, etc. Keep the donations rolling in throughout the school year. Thanks!
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