Emily and Cedar

Recreation and Entertainment

Coloradans like to go to Colorado Springs and Glenwood springs. In dinosaur, a small town in Colorado, they also like to find Dino bones. Coloradans like to mine coal and gold. At the Colorado state fair Coloradans like to watch displays, rodeos, and like listening to music. Fishing, hiking, skiing, and exploring is popular. The Coloradans enjoy watching pro sports, and brewing beer.


Today we will tell you about Colorado's past. First the Native Americans came. In 1846 the Mexican war started. In Colorado's history, there were a lot of Universities. In 1864 the university of Denver was founded. The state university was founded in 1870. In 1870, women couldn't climb. The gold rush came in the 1800's. Silver was found in 1873. Colorado schools of mines was established in 1874. In 1876 Colorado become the 38th state. The university of Colorado founded in 1876. In 1893 women got the right to vote. University of northern Colorado in 1899. In 1906 sand Creek massacre killed 200 people. In 1920,oil was the most important mineral . In 1941,Colorado entered in WWII. During WWII new jobs pulled Colorado out of depression. In 1983, Fedrico Pena was the first mayor of Denver.
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Geography and landforms

Did you know that Colorado is the tallest state? It has a lot of plains, canyons, and mountains that we will talk about. The highest mountain in Colorado is MT. Elbert, 14,433 feet tall.Also,the mountain get covered in the winter. The Great plains are in the eastern part of Colorado.Some rivers run through the plains. From the east, the mountains look like a blue wall. Farms are scattered around Colorado. The Colorado drains into the California Gulf. The Colorado river rushes through canyons. The Arkansas river runs through Colorado. Colorado has some major rivers. The Grand Lake is the biggest lake in Colorado. Colorado has a long strip a land called the continental divide. Did you know Colorado has flat sections? It is also part of the four corners. That's where Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico, Utah come together. Colorado's plateau covers the western part of Colorado. Mesas rise from the plateau. Colorado is in the west of the U.S.A. Colorado has part of the Santa Fe trail and the dust bowl.
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Fun Facts

Did you know Colorado has a brown cloud from all of the smoke? The highest suspension bridge in the world spans the Royal Gorge in Colorado. Colorado is named after a river. It's nickname is the Sedimental State . Boulder Colorado is the only U.S city that gets it's water from a glacier. The state bird is a Lark Bunting. Colorado has the largest flattop mountain. Deer trail was the site of the first rodeo. The size of Colorado is 104,247 square miles and the population is 3,600,000 people! The state tree is the Colorado Blue Spruce. The state song is "Where the columbine grow."