4x400m Relay

By Kate Harris

Team Effort

The 4x400 meter relay is where 4 people on a team run 400 meters exchanging a baton to signal when the next person goes. They run at incredibly fast speeds, and it ends when the last person finishes. Many teams do this track event, including middle schools, but there are rare few who win the title of a gold medalist.

Behind The Times

Men and Women all over the women have been doing the same event. Men are obviously faster than women and have been for many decades. Though there was a time when the women had faster times than the men.

Goal of The Study

If you use math, you could easily tell when those times cross. I want see what year the women would be faster, and even though it might not be exact, it would be around the year it was better. And it most likely will be before the relay was even in the Olympics, or maybe even before the Olympics.
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The Scatter Plot

The blue x's represent the male competitors, and the pink squares represent the female competitors.
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Lines of Best Fit

The blue lines represent the female's linear regression, and the red lines represent the male's linear regression.

The Intersection

The two genders crossed each other in the year 1723. So in 1722, the females had better times then the men, and after the intersection the men had better times. In 1723, both gold medal genders had a time of 201.66 seconds.
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The X Coordinate

The X coordinate represents the year that the gold medal times were made. That's how I knew they had the same times in 1723, because my X value had that year when they crossed. All my X values are above on the left in my data pictures.

The Y Coordinate

The Y coordinates represent the times that the gold medalists received for the year. The time is dependent on the year. There is two Y coordinates because there are 2 genders competing in the games.
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