Pyreenes mountains

by lul lul


LOCATION: france,spain,andorra


PHYSICAL CHARACTERISTICS:it is made up of granite, limestone and gnesses to form a huge mountine covering france spain and andorra it has snowy peakes and grassy lands with many rivers and waterfalls many pine tree's also grow around that eara. it is also home to many bears,deer,moose,elk.frogs, octopus,snakes and the pyreenese has manuy vegatation like the pine tree's.grassy planes,and many diffrent types of has 300 days and 2,000 hours of sunshine a year making it one of the sunniiest regions in france and heat only goes up to 17 deggrese celcuise.


the pyreenes mountains is home to many people such as the andorran's,catalan's,bearnais,and basquise. each speak their own language, and each desires to maintain and even augment its own autonomy while at the same time acknowledging a general unity among Pyrenean peoples. Of these groups, only the Andorrans have anything approaching a sovereign state, and even then andorra is an autonomous principality with close ties to both spain and France. The Basques, perhaps the best-known Pyrenean people, speak a language that is non-Indo-European and have a long tradition of fiercely defending their autonomy.the modern day pyreene is home to different things like modern day houses some houses are even just made out of glass and steel others from wood and iron under a hill. and they do not use hand signs they use their own native talk to communicate but they do not really worship many religions. their political system is a free democracy

natural resources

one of their many resources is the metallic ores it is not very important. they also have many iron mines in andorra and coal near the spanish slopes,you may also find hot springs.


the people themselves have not affected the mountains but the mountains do affect them it is very cold their so cotton and lumber is needed for warmth. the people live in the mountains making cities inside of it they do not have any major cities