the beautiful buddhists

What is buddism/religion

Buddism is a religion to about 300 million people around the world. The word comes from 'Budhi' which means 'to awaken'. It has origins about 2,500 years ago when Siddharta Gotma, known as Buddha was himself awakened at the age of 35. Buddism goes beyond religion and is more of a philosophy or "way of life' it is philosophy because philosophy means 'love of wisdom". The Buddhist path can be summed up as... a lead to moral life, to be mindful and aware of thoughts and actions, to develop wisdom and understanding.


A monk is aloud to collect receive and consume food between dawn and midday (taken to be 12 noon).He is not aloud to consume food outside of this time and he is not aloud to store food over night. Plain water can be taken at anytime without being offered. Although a monk lives on what ever is offered, vegetarianism is encouraged. Buddhist regard killing animals for food as wrong. As a result many Buddhists turn into vegetarianism.

Here are some picures of the food that they eat.

a vdeo of monk floating in nepal


the main Buddhist festival of the year is Buddha day/Wesak, the celebration of Buddha's birth, enlightment and death. The festival is a celebration of much colour, lanterns are made of paper and wood. Buddhists also visit their local temples for services and teachings and give offerings to monks.


Very spiritual and deep down Buddhists don't use any transportation. But regular Buddhists do use busses, planes and cars.


The country with the most population of Buddhists is Japan with 84,653,000 second is Thailand with 64, 420,000 third is Myanmar with 38,140,000 and last but not least Sri Lanka 14,450,000.