Chew on This...

Choosing a Protein Bar That Isn't Candy

Do you ever find yourself in a rush, needing a quick bite to eat? What do you normally reach for? What is your "on-the-go nutrition"? Most of us probably don't have nearly enough time to whip up something healthy when we are already running late so we grab something quick - a lot of families these days are reaching for protein or energy bars. But exactly how healthy are these bars? Are they really a healthy alternative?

Let's look into it!

Lets start off by listing pros and cons of protein bars.



Let's Crunch Some Numbers!

Using the nutrition label on your protein bar, figure out how many minutes you would need to perform your favorite workout for in order to burn off all of the calories.

(Use myfitnesspal or


Protein bars are quick, convenient and well priced compared to other options. Your main sources of protein should always be from meat, fish, nuts, seeds, dairy, vegetables, and fruit! When chosen correctly, protein bars are far better than anything you'll find at the convenient store or any fast food. They're great to have around when you're without a meal!