Cloris Leachman

voice over actress from Des Moines, Iowa

My Famous Iowan

Cloris is a voice over actress and regular actress from Des Moines, Iowa. A recent animated film she voiced in is Dream works The Croods, she played the old lady. She is also going to be in the 2017 sequel The Croods 2.

Movies shes been in and roles


  1. Scouts Guide to the Zombie Apocalypse Miss Fielder 2015
  2. The Wedding Ringer Grandma Palmer 2015
  3. Gambit Grandma 2014
  4. Adult World Mary Ann 2014
  5. The Croods Gran 2013
  6. The Oogieloves in the Big Balloon Adventure Dotty Rounder 2012
  7. New York, I Love You Mitzie (Joshua Marston segment) 2009
  8. Ponyo Noriko (English Version) / Noriko (English Version) 2009
  9. American Cowslip Sandy 2009
  10. The Women Maggie 2008
  11. Beerfest Great Gam Gam 2006
  12. Scary Movie 4 2006
  13. Sky High Nurse Spex 2005
  14. The Longest Yard Lynette 2005
  15. Spanglish Evelyn 2004
  16. Bad Santa Grandma 2004
  17. Alex & Emma Grandmother 2003
  18. Manna From Heaven Helen 2003
  19. Music of the Heart Assunta Guaspari 2001
  20. The Amati Girls Dolly 2001
  21. Hanging Up Pat 2000
  22. The Iron Giant Mrs. Tensedge 1999
  23. Beavis and Butt-Head Do America Old Woman On Phone And Bus 1996
  24. Now and Then Mrs. Albertson (Samantha's grandmother) / Mrs. Albertson (Samantha's grandmother) 1995
  25. A Troll in Central Park Queen Gnorga 1994
  26. The Beverly Hillbillies Granny 1993
  27. Texasville Ruth Popper 1990
  28. Prancer Mrs. McFarland 1989
  29. Castle in the Sky Dola [English version] 1989
  30. Walk Like a Man Margaret Shand 1987
  31. Shadow Play Millie Crown 1986
  32. Kiss Me Deadly Christina Bailey, a.k.a. Berga Torn 1986
  33. My Little Pony: The Movie Hydia 1986
  34. Scavenger Hunt Mildred Carruthers 1979
  35. The Muppet Movie Lord's Secretary / Lord's Secretary 1979
  36. High Anxiety Nurse Charlotte Diesel 1977
  37. Young Frankenstein Frau Bluecher 1975
  38. Daisy Miller Mrs. Ezra B. Miller 1974
  39. The Last Picture Show Ruth Popper 1972
  40. Lovers and Other Strangers Bernice 1970
  41. Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid Agnes 1969
  42. My Boyfriend's Back Maggie the Zombie Expert
  43. Annabelle's Wish
  44. The North Avenue Irregulars Claire
  45. History of the World -- Part I Madame de Farge
  46. Charley and the Angel Nettie Appleby / Nettie Appleby
  47. Run, Stranger, Run Ronda / Ronda
  48. The Chapman Report Miss Selby
  49. Herbie Goes Bananas Aunt Louise
  50. Foolin' Around Samantha
  51. The Mouse and His Child Euterpe / Euterpe
  52. Crazy Mama Melba
  53. The People Next Door Tina Hoffman
  54. WUSA Philomene
  55. The Steagle Rita Weiss / Rita Weiss
  56. Buzz
  57. Dillinger Anna Sage
  58. The Bronx Bull

About cloris leachman

She was born on Apr 30, 1926 (age 89) in Des Moines IA.

She's worth $21 million USD (2016).

She's as tall as David Galvan (as of 4/15/16)

She had one sibling and she died in 2010.

She only had one marriage and it was from (1953 - 1978)

She tried out for Miss America as Miss Chicago. She didn't win the title but she used her winning scholarship to fly New York and when she got there she studied acting in New York City at the Actors Studio with Elia Kazan.

IB trait

Daring because she moved from Des Moines, IA to New York. And took up acting an she didn't even know anyone there.

IB trait

Open-Minded because she went somewhere that was hundreds of miles from home and took to acting even though she was a beginner.

IB trait

Risk-taker because she took a risk and trying to vote the Miss America title and win. But she didn't win and got second.

Quote's by Cloris Leachman

  1. "I am having a wonderful life and it isn't over yet."
  2. "I am so sick of Betty White never liked her."