Endangered Animals of North America

Save the Gray Wolf!


Physical Traits
  • Mammal, gray fur coat, tawny colored legs and flanks (ARK)
  • Height: 66-81 cm.; length: 1.50-1.65 m.; weight: 44-154 lbs. (ARK)


  • From Mexico, through North America to the Arctic, throughout Eurasia (ARK)
  • Found today in Canada, Alaska, Northern USA, Europe and Asia (ARK)
  • Terrain: forests, tundra, taiga, deserts, plains and mountains (ARK)
  • Climate: polar, arid (ARK)
  • Home: dens located in holes, caves, pits, or hollow logs (ARK)


  • Food: caribou, elk, wild boar, moose and deer (ARK)
  • Carnivore, predator (ARK)


  • Protection: uses teeth, body, and/or growls (TW)
  • Hunting: uses sensitive ears and nose to hunt its prey (TW)
  • Also uses the color of its fur to camouflage itself in the surroundings (TW)
  • Uses long legs to reach high speeds and long chases (ARK)
  • Hunts in packs while preying on animals larger than them (ARK)

Critical Information
  • The Gray Wolf is least concerned (ARK)
  • The Gray Wolf's population is stable (ARK)
  • To help the Gray Wolf, you can donate to some charities (ARK)

Reasons for Endangerment and Conservation Efforts


  • Being hunted and trapped for its fur, making its range much smaller (ARK)
  • Hunted mostly in Europe, Asia, Mexico, and the United States (ARK)

Conservation Efforts

  • Middle East, Central Asia, Russia: no protection (ARK)
  • Protected in the United States, Mexico, and many European countries (ARK)
Grey Wolf Howling