Weekly Message

Volume 1 Issue 12 ~ 12.8.14

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We are having an issue with some of you sending students to the restroom, 3-5 students at a time, unsupervised. At this time, issues occur in the restroom and we are unable to determine who did what. Students should not go to the restrooms unsupervised.

School Board Meeting

Thursday, Dec. 11th, 6:30pm

3525 Chere Carol Rd

Humboldt, TN

Place: Hospital Conference Room

This will be a very Important meeting. Restucturing will be on the agenda.

From Mr. Watson....

Good morning:

This week I would like to have 2 practices. First, I would like to meet with ALL Pre K on Thursday and Friday Morning. I would like to have all Pre K classes in the gym after breakfast on Thursday and Friday morning. I figure by the time we get in and get on the risers it will be time for our regular class time. I want to go through all the songs at least 2 or 3 times each. I also need the CDC class in there at that times as well.

K and ! classes will meet during their regular exploratory class time. I would like to have ALL first grade classes in the gym at 10:30. We will go through the songs as many times as will allow. If you guys have the CD, please listen to “Have A Happy, Happy Holiday.” That is track 15. Kindergarten will meet at their exploratory block in the gym on Thursday and Friday as well. I appreciate your understanding in this matter. The concert is going to be a great success. Thank you my awesome exploratory friends for being understanding as well.

I will let you know about Monday and Tuesday. I would like to have a full dress rehearsal on Monday and Tuesday. I will let you know the time.

Stephen Watson

General Music

Stigall Primary School

East Elementary School

Textbook Review Committee Parent

I am in need of parent recommendations for the textbook committee. This individual will be responsible for attending textbook adoption meetings, reviewing all textbooks/instructional materials, and completing the textbooks/instructional materials rubric. Please respond to this. I need your suggestions ASAP!

School Climate Parent Survey

There is a School Climate Parent Survey in your mailboxes. Please distribute. Please collect all surveys and place them in the folder in office. They must be returned to the Title Office on Friday. Thanks! Have a great day.