Herpes Miracle Review

Herpes Miracle

Herpes zoster A Very Common Disease

Herpes zoster, or shingles - a very common disease that is caused by the herpes virus type III, or varicella zoster virus (VZV). Paradoxically, in children, the virus causes chickenpox, varicella known to all, and adults - shingles, which is much more painful. If chickenpox - a disease that does not get sick again both children and adults, the shingles can hurt a lifetime.
Treat it hard enough. One is forced to ask ourselves this question: whether it is necessary to deal with shingles? We know that with chickenpox do not need to fight. This is - a normal phenomenon, and it is better to have had a child. But with shingles fight a must. If chickenpox is usually not a serious adverse outcome, and flows generally benign, the shingles annoying person often long.

Shingles: symptoms. One of the main manifestations - a bubble rash on the trunk and severe pain in the area of the rash. But there are clinical variants when the rash is simply there, and there is pain, and the pain is severe. Back pain, pain in the ribs, in the sacrum, sore face or half face.
What is it, what happened, from which severe pain - a person cannot understand. Through time there are rashes, and then they go and unbearable pain remains. And with it a man lives sometimes for months. Needless to say that the normal, the rhythm of life is broken: the dysfunctional family problems, severe mental condition ... Violent pain literally haunts of man. What caused this pain? Varicella zoster virus causes intercostal neuralgia and other peripheral nerve damage. It affects the nerves associated with severe pain.
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The rash itself - not a big problem. If desired, they can manage on their own, or simply ignore them. Important and very terrible pain. And if in the first 5-7 days of onset of rash or occurrence alleged rash will not be assigned to specific drugs for the treatment of herpes, it is very often then with pain is very difficult to handle. Because the virus has caused a violation of the structure of the nerve, there was a so-called it.

After the nerve is known to be the most refractory tissue in the body, the nerves can regenerate months. And so it turns out that the virus is no longer active, it destroyed an antiviral agent. And the pain remains, and poor people are forced to regularly take the strongest painkillers until narcotic. Seemingly banal herpes virus, and forcing people to take such drastic means.