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How Reiki Helps Us Be Aware of Our Shadow Self

Five Reasons Why We Need to Be Aware of Our Shadow, and How Reiki Helps

Five Reasons Why We Need to Be Aware of Our Shadow, and How Reiki Helps

by Kriss Erickson

We all have challenges in life but let’s face it: dealing with hidden or “shadow” issues is a challenge. It gets even more complicated when the aspects of life that we have been programmed or have chosen to push into shadow leave us lacking in finesse and depth as we navigate life’s energy streams.

Deepak Chopra says, “The shadow compounds all the dark impulses—hatred, aggression, sadism, selfishness, jealousy, resentment, sexual transgression—that are hidden out of sight. The name originated with Carl Jung, but its basic origin came from Freud’s insight that our psyches are dualistic, sharply divided between the conscious and unconscious.”

When I think of shad aspects, I align with Carl Jung’s idea of duality, meaning that our “shadow” can be anything from very strong, compressed emotions like hatred, resentment and fear to a rejection of basic elements of the self. Elements like grief and the freedom to express the depths of the most difficult things we have experienced can also be viewed as “shadow.”

One thing is true: the more we repress shadow the darker and more condensed it becomes, resulting in a more intense release when it cannot be denied any more.

Though there are many reasons that being aware of our shadow aspects is helpful, here are ten to think about:

1) The longer we hold back and refuse to look at our shadow, the darker it becomes. This can mean that even small issues can become big ones. Something as simple as a feeling of disappointment about being left out of a party can grow to resentment, and even hatred, if we refuse to name what is going on. If we have the courage to name it, preferably as early in the cycle as possible, we might face the choice of losing a few friends, but the energy will clear instead of festering.

2) Refusing to name what we feel does not make it go away. Parts of ourselves that are ignored continue to call out for attention. If you do not like Mexican food, for example, yet you have friends that you love, who always go out for Mexican food, if you do not speak your truth, you could eventually begin to resent or even hate your friends. This will have no direct connection to them, just to your own refusal to name the fact that you do not like Mexican food.

3) Deciding that “nice” people can’t feel as you do does not change how you feel. Sometimes this can begin as an embarrassment. I learned the hard way, for example, to ask very specific questions when going out with a group of women. I am not a “girly girl” and have been embarrassed in the past when I have gotten myself into situations where the plans have unexpectedly included beauty treatments. At first, I was too embarrassed to reveal that not only do I not like that type of attention, but also that I am allergic to many of the products used. The embarrassment grew to fear as I realized that I might not be able even to go to lunch with that particular group if I revealed my preferences. It could have continued to grow, except I did voice my concerns. And what that brought to light was more about me than about the group. I simply had to be honest about what I wanted and what I did not.

4) Ignoring the shadow aspects of life can leave you open to being blindsided. Being blindsided happens when you refuse to acknowledge the clues you are given. Just as with physical symptoms, if you are ignoring, say, a person who is asking too much of you, the requests will get bigger and more blatant, and the expectations of the other person will grow until you are exhausted. At that point you might finally say “no” which can bring out disappointment and even a sense of betrayal in the other person. I hope you can see that this cycle is a two-way street. You are not honest enough to say what you can and cannot do, and the other person is used to asking a lot from friends. You might both feel betrayed when you finally admit that you cannot continue to meet unreasonable demands.

5) Ignorance is a decision. When we choose to ignore or bury the shadow aspects of self, we are doing just that: making a decision. Insisting that we only see what we define as “positive” does not make it so. If someone is lying to you, for example, but you have decided that you must see that person as impeccable, that does not somehow magically mean that they are not lying. Once again, that decision has much more to do with your decision about how honest you are with yourself and others.

How Reiki Can Help You Work With Your Shadow Self

Daily Reiki practice goes a long way in helping you recognize and work with your shadow self. Life-force energy frequencies, by their very nature, encourage clarity and honesty. If you take the time to incorporate Reiki into your meditative time, the Reiki frequencies will lead you deep into your inner processes, to the core issues that you are dealing with. This, in turn, will help you to be honest with yourself, which will lead you to discover areas that are asking for attention.

Trust is a major issue here. As flesh and blood humans, we are vulnerable. No matter how spiritual or positive-thinking we become, we are still human. Reiki reminds us of the bigger processes of life, including the fact that if we face our deepest aspects, we will be rewarded with greater levels of depth, compassion, trust and understanding in our own lives.

This is why Sense Mikao Usui urged us to share energy with ourselves first each day. If we do this, we will not only clear our shadows before they become too murky, but see more clearly to show patience and understanding to others.



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