Lyndon Baines Johnson (LBJ)

Chandler Webb

Johnson As President

  • After Kennedy's passing, Johnson took over in office in November of 1963
  • Congress passed the landmark Civil Rights Act of 1964 under him, which prevented racial discrimination in almost all private facilities that were open to the public.
  • Not only this, but also helped end segregation in other public places.
  • Act also tried to include women, but it was at first not successful but eventually passed including the sexual clause.
  • Johnson also helped women when he said that all federal contractors had to work against discrimination.
  • Continued Kennedy's stalled tax bill and also voiced his ideas regarding Appalachia and helping the people there.
  • Labeled his program the "Great Society"
  • Michael Harringtons The Other America revealed the extent of poverty and helped people support LBJ's plan

Election of 1964

-Democratic candidate
-Republicans nominated Senator Barry Goldwater from Arizona
-Goldwater attacked:

  • the federal income tax
  • the Social Security system
  • the Tennessee Valley Authority
  • the civil rights legislation
  • the nuclear test-ban treaty
  • the Great Society
-"In Your Heart You Know He's Right" (pro Goldwater) vs "In Your Guts You Know He's Nuts" (pro LBJ)

-Unknown to the American public or Congress, U.S. ships had been firing on North Vietnam with South Vietnam gun boats.

-Two of the boats were supposedly fired upon

-Despite this, LBJ declared that the attack was unprovoked and used this to his advantage in his campaign against Goldwater, implying that he wouldn't want war whereas Goldwater would.

-Congress also passed the Tonkin Gulf Resolution which basically allowed Johnson to become involved in South Vietnam with use of military force.

-Johnson easily won in 1964 with 43,129,566 against 27,178,188 and 486 to 52 in the electoral count