A108 News

by: Mrs. O'Hara


Hello Parents,

Gung Hay Fat Choy & Chuc Mung Nam Moi!!!

Thank you to all of the families that came to watch our cultural show last week. I was really proud of the students hard work. I thought they did an amazing job and I hope you enjoyed it too. The best part, as a teacher, was listening to them moan and groan in the beginning about how they DID NOT want to perform in front of an audience, and then two months later, they did their best and they shined on stage!! Please keep all pieces of the line dance outfit (jeans and white shirts for boys, and belts, belt buckles, and red shirts for girls) as we were asked to perform again at an upcoming school function (more info. to come).

A few important things happening this week are our Valentine's Day Celebration, Family Night Out and the start of the Science Fair.
First, Friday we will have a Valentine's Day celebration. Students will have time to exchange Valentine's and we will have a small party. If your child chooses to participate, they must bring in a Valentine for everyone in the class. There are 23 students; 12 boys and 11 girls. Students do not need to put a name for the recipient, they can simply sign their own name. If you bring candy, no nuts please!
Second, Third grade is hosting Family Night Out on Thursday night. Please join us! It is going to be held at Pizza My Heart on San Felipe. 33% of the money goes back to the third grade classes. Be sure to turn in your receipt on Friday. There is more information on the pink flyer in the HW folders today.
Lastly, there is a very short window for those interested in participating in the district Science Fair. Here is the link for more information.
The rules are very strict, so please read the packet thoroughly. If students choose to participate, all work on the project is done at home and then it's presented to our class.

As always, email me with any questions you may have.
Have a wonderful weekend!

Mrs. O'Hara

Helping Hands

Thank you for helping to raise money during our Spell-A-Thon!

Upcoming Events:

February 12-field trip to Second Harvest Food Bank, Valentine's Party in class!
February 15-February 21-Winter Break/President's Week, no school!
February 26-Spirit Day:stuffed animal day.
February 29-3rd grade P.B.L. Exhibition Day, 9:30a.m.!
Eureka Math-A Guide for Parents, Module 4

This link will prepare you to help your child with their math homework.