Middle Colonies

Delaware, Pensylvania, New York, New Jersey


delaware was founded in 1638 by peter Minuit. delaware was founded for agriculture, fishing, and manfacutaring. geographical features for delaware is it borders pennsylvaina, and in the south and west is borderd by maryland. The religion was mostly christians and lutherans. the illnesses were malaria and apothecary.


Pensylvaina was founded in 1682 by william penn. They founded pensylvania for religious freedom for quakers and for trade and profit. geographical characteristics are 46058 square miles. the highest point is mt. Davis-3213 ft. delaware river is the lowest point. the religion are quakers,catholic, lutheran, jews, etc. some illnesses were apothecarie.

middle colony

New York

New York was founded in 1607 by John Smith. The colony was founded for trade and profits. Three geographical characteristics are mountains, lowlands, and the costal lowlands. The role in religion was it determined where you were going to live. The economic conditions were very poor. some illnesses were malaria and other bacterial illnesses.

new Jersey

new jersey was founded in 1660 by lord berkley. it was colonized for trade and profits. they havethe atlantic coastal plains, the piedmont, and the Apalichan mountain range. the religions of new jersey started with the dutch,swedich lutherans, quakers, catholics, and jews. they had many bacterial diseases including malaria. there were many slaves in new jersey.