Jessica Vanderlaan

~Life's to short to be anything but happy~

Describe something you did yesterday.

Yesterday I went to Defy Gravity with 6 of my friends. We had an amazing time and lots of fun. We went there in the morning and in the afternoon we all went back to my house and ordered pizza. Later on I had to go to tumbling, which was very tiring.

Something you do well

I think that I tumble very well. I work very hard towards tumbling and I love to do it! I take tumbling classes at To The Pointe Dance Company. These classes occur every Tuesday from 8-9.

Something about your childhood

I loved to be outside all the time. Wether it was jumping on the trampoline or riding bikes, I loved to just be outside! Me and my brother, Riley, sometimes had fun. (when we actually got along) Most weekends I was at motorcross events because Riley envolved in very many of these.

Something about you LEARNED last week

Something that I learned last week would be that I absolutely HATE taking tests. Exams are to stressful espically when I already don't test well. They also take to long. (not really a patient person)
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Something you can't live without

There are many things that I can't live without, including my friends and family. I can always ahve a good time with them. Another thing that I probably couldn't live without would be my phone. I'm always using my phone so it would probably be kinda hard for me to live without it.

Something you like to watch/listen to.

I love the shows Pretty Little Liars and Dance moms. Both of these shows are full of drama and I love watching them. They both come on every Tuesday night.

Something you dislike

Something that I dislike very much is bullying. Bullying was a big deal at my elemantary school. We did very many fundraisers, we got shirts and we ran to help raise money. We all pledged to never say the word retarted becuase it is very offensive to special needs children. I also dont like spiders. ew.
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