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Term 2 - Issue 9 2nd July 2020

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Prayer for families

Heavenly Father,

Please bless our families with your love,

and protect us from harm during these school holidays.

Give us grace to forgive,

and strength to overcome the difficulties we encounter.

Help us to rest, relax and rejuvenate,

ready for another term of learning.

We ask this in Jesus' name,



Dear Parents & Caregivers,

Welcome to our new format for the school newsletter. Hopefully, this format provides a more user-friendly experience for parents on a variety of mobile devices!

We have finally made it to the end of Term 2! To say this was an unusual period of time would be an understatement, and I have no doubt the children will be well and truly ready for the school holidays. I know the staff definitely are!!!!

Year 3 First Reconciliation

Congratulations to our Year 3 children who received the Sacrament of First Reconciliation yesterday at the Church. Although later in the year than we would have liked, the children were pleased to finally receive the Sacrament. Thank you to Miss Campbell, Miss Mirto and Mrs McDonald for their preparation of the children and the many parents who attended the Parish to support their child.

NCCD Data Collection

The Nationally Consistent Collection of Data on School Students with Disability (NCCD) takes place every year. All Australian primary and secondary schools are required by the Australian Education Regulation 2013 to participate in the collection.

The NCCD is a collection that counts:

  • the number of school students receiving an adjustment or ‘help’ due to disability
  • the level of adjustment they are receiving to access education on the same basis as other students.

Students are counted in the NCCD if they receive ongoing adjustments at school due to disability. This ‘help’ allows them to access education on the same basis as a child without disability. The NCCD uses the definition of disability in the Disability Discrimination Act 1992. Schools provide this information to education authorities. Please note student names and personal information is not shared and remains confidential.

If you would like more information about this data collection, please read the parents, guardians and carers fact sheet which is available in a range of languages here:

Parent Interviews

This afternoon, our teachers held our Semester One Parent Interviews in the hall. With over 160 interviews booked by parents, it is an opportunity to discuss your child's progress in a formal setting. For those parents who were unable to attend, please feel free to contact your child's teacher early in Term 3.

IMCC 2021 Student Bursary

Thank you to those families who applied for the IMCC Bursary for 2021. The calibre of applicants was extremely high. After careful consideration and an interview process, an applicant was put forward for consideration to Mr Marshall. Once the process is complete, we will announce to our community and Mr Marshall will present the successful candidate with an award at an assembly in Term 3.

Families Leaving

It is always sad to be farewelling families from our community and over the last two weeks we unfortunately farewelled three families due to them relocating. Blake Hill (PPB), the Swarbrick family, Dean (5B), Rachael (3W) and Olivia (1B) and the Pearcey family of Ella (3W), Jack (1W) and Lucy (KB). We are disappointed to see them leave but wish them well in their new schools and communities, and thank them for their contribution to the St Francis of Assisi community.

LSL Replacements Term 3

Whilst we farewell some families, we also have some staff taking well-deserved long service leave in Term 3. The following staff will be away for various periods throughout the term. We welcome their replacements to our school community:

  • Kathy Dolbel Drama (Mon/Wed) - Ms Ellie Blokland (T3 & T4)
  • Jane O'Reilly Reading Recovery (Weeks 1-4) - Mrs Jo Bean-Hannigan
  • Katherine Anderson 4B (Week 1) - Mrs Denise Grant
  • Kaitlin Albrecht PPB (Week 1 & 2) - Mrs Pia Tilka

Wishing Mrs Dolbel a very restful and well earned long service leave break. Mrs Dolbel intends to retire at the end of 2020 to spend more time with her grandchildren and family. We will officially farewell her at the end of the school year.

Significant Dates Term 3 & Term 4

Due to all the disruptions caused by COVID, we can’t wait to get back into the regular routine of school celebrations! To assist parents with planning, attached below is a summary of all the significant events in Term 3 and 4. This includes Religious Events, Sporting Events and School Events (including P&F). This is not an exhaustive list, but some of the major events you can put in your calendar. As always, the live calendar link will give you the most updated information.

Finally, to all families, staff and children, thank you for your unwavering support of our school throughout this term. In what has been an unprecedented time, I couldn't be prouder of the way we have negotiated the challenges and shown resilience, determination and a togetherness that is clearly a hallmark of this community. Wishing you all a safe and restful holiday break and we look forward to returning in Term 3 to plenty of community gatherings and celebrations of our fantastic children!

Best wishes

Jason Baker


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Dear Parents and Caregivers,

We approach the holidays with a much brighter outlook, anticipating the State Government lifting restrictions further on July 18, as we move into Phase 5. Not long ago it seemed that none of the sacraments would go ahead this year, and now we are hopeful and optimistic that we will be able to offer First Holy Communion (Eucharist) in Term 3, and Confirmation in Term 4, after having children receive the Sacrament of Reconciliation yesterday.

Please contact me on 9562 9500 or if you have any queries regarding the sacramental program.

We will keep you informed if restrictions are re-imposed.


Yesterday the Year 3 children received the Sacrament of Reconciliation for the very first time, at ST Andrew's Parish under the guidance of Father Dariusz and Father Marian. Despite a few nerves, they were amazing. Thank you to Mrs McDonald, Miss Mirto and all the family members who have supported and helped prepare the children for this special time.


A letter will go home today to families of children in Year 4, offering the opportunity of receiving the Sacrament of First Holy Communion in Term 3. In conjunction with St Andrew's Parish and all schools involved, we have revised the Sacramental Program for 2020.

Please note there is only one date and time to received the Sacrament of First Holy Communion in 2020.

If you have a child in Year 5 or 6 who has not already received the Sacrament of First Holy Communion, and would like to do so, please contact me through the school office or by email (see above).


At this time we anticipate we will offer the Sacrament of Confirmation in Term 4.

More information will be sent to families of children in Year 6 in Term 3.

Wishing everyone a happy, relaxing and safe holiday!

' "Please", "Thank you" and "Sorry" are words that open up the road to a good family life.' - Pope Francis.

Miss Dee Campbell


Please note the following dates for Term 3:

Week 4 Wednesday 12th August - Years 3-6 faction Cross Country;

Week 5 Thursday 20th August - Year 6 Spring Carnival (Badminton, Basketball, Rugby League Tag);

Week 8 Friday 11th September - SFoA faction sports Carnival

Ms Amanda Croxall


As we start the winter holidays it is a perfect time to warm up with a good book.

Mrs Marie Gray

SFOA BREAKFAST CLUB - Starting Week 2, Term 3!

Introducing our new breakfast club!

When: Tuesday/Thursday

Time: 8:00am - 8:20am

Where: Hall

Starts: Term 3, Week 2

Come in and grab some toast with vegemite, jam or margarine and start your day right!


Happy Birthday to the following students who are celebrating a birthday in July:

Mackenzie Williams, Adonai Desta, Sofia Hampson Villalobos, Joshua Russell, Jack Best, Flynn Walker, Tayla Duddy, Allegra Bello Quintero, Julia Pedrini, Johk Atuer, Maribelle George, Lucas Pigram, Zanthia Harper, Micah Bergmann, Zac Humski, Dayna Neill, Fred Martin, Nevaeh D'Arcy, Cooper Bennetts, Blake Hill, Elii Bowden, Isaac Robinson, Sadie Garrigan, Mali Solomon, Mia Salazar-Angel, Isla Rankin, Ashton Riley, Leandro Julien, Poppy Meachin, Noah Rapi-Beddall, Sophie Harwood, Miller Corrigal-Locket, Linkyn Newton, Blanche Odongo, Riak Chol, Jack Pearcey.

We wish you all a wonderful day!!

Congratulations to the following families on their recent arrivals to their family unit:

  • the Sokiri family (Bettysap & Simon) on the recent birth of a little girl 'Mercy'.
  • the Diaz family (Savannah)


Mon Jul 20 - Term 3 Commences for Children

Tue Jul 21 - P & F Subway Lunch Order

Fri Jul 24 - Beginning of Term Whole School Mass 8:45am

Tue Jul 28 - P & F Subway Lunch Order

Tue Jul 28 - P & F Meeting 8:45am (Boardroom)


Dear Parents,

Thank you to those families who have already met with Mr Baker, we will be continuing interviews in Term 3. The school is grateful to those families who continue to pay their fees on a regular basis. This is beneficial to our children. If you are experiencing financial difficulty please feel free to contact me asap.

Please update your expired health care cards in order to continue receiving the discount for this year.

Kind regards,

Geneve Bastian, Finance Officer


Monday: 2:00pm - 3:00pm

Where: NEW LOCATION - Operating out of the demountable at the rear of the school!

Ph: (08) 9204 1701

Address: 1/85 Guthrie St, Osborne Park 6017



Click on the flyer for details of IMCC Open Day!


See the following flyer for Camp Australia's Vacation Care Program.