Neil Dhillon Policy Report

Immigration Reform: A Side Show in Congress

Okay, there's just no way Congress and the White House can work together on anything so a vote on Immigration Reform is highly unlikely, regardless of a staged phone call between President Obama and Republican Majority Leader Eric Cantor. In all my years in Washington, I have never seen such disdain between a President and the Congress. Granted they are different parties but it is dependent on them to work in a consensus on major issues and to get things done. Now I don't really see Immigration Reform as a top policy issue as we need to tackle the deficit, energy dependence, and job creation. But the Senate did pass Immigration Reform with a fairly strong 68% majority which included Republicans. The House simply won't bring it to the floor because of their great disdain for the President. Where's President Frank Underwood when you need him?

So this side show on Immigration Reform should stop. Perhaps the President and Congressional Leaders should grab a beer and try to work for the good of the people? I guess that would be a side show too...2016 can't come fast enough...