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Williamson Senior High School September Issue

Photography by Erin Noger

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Hooray for Homecoming!

By Rachel Ramsdell

Why do we have Homecoming? To watch soccer games and volleyball matches? To have pep-rallies, spirit week, and hallway decorating? Homecoming means something different to everybody, therefore the answer to this question varies.

This year's Homecoming was different. The girls’ and boys’ soccer games were on different days, there was no hallway decorating, shouting in forum only occurred on Friday, and it was very early, being on the second Friday of the school year! Soccer players were scrambling to find the perfect gift and create the perfect poster for their homecoming partner, while Student Council was hustling to organize spirit week and the pep-rally. With less time, the embellishments of homecoming, such as hallway decorating and pep-rally games, had to be omitted. The magical feeling of walking through the newly-decorated hallways on Friday morning as well as the gentle feeling of excitement that results from seeing a massive blow-up obstacle course dominating the gymnasium were missing. In theory, since this year’s Homecoming wasn’t as flashy as it has been in years past, it was dull. However, was it really dull? Was it really empty? Was it really boring?

While an early Homecoming may appear to be an unfavorable circumstance, it was actually a blessing. The change required us to change the way we celebrate and view Homecoming. An early Homecoming forced us to downsize the grandeur. It brought us back to the roots of Homecoming, the real reason why we have Homecoming every year: Unity. Homecoming exists to unify us. We don’t have Homecoming to watch soccer games and volleyball matches: we have Homecoming to gather together to support our friends as they pursue their passions. We don’t have Homecoming to leave class for a pep-rally, have an excuse to wear a comical ensemble for spirit week, or to exercise our creative talents in hallway decorating: we have Homecoming to gather as a community for the reason of fun. Everything we do for Homecoming is to bring us together to have fun. When we unite, we become closer, stronger, happier, together. We become complete. As a school. As a community. As a family. With this, we can lift each other up. We rise to the occasion and bring others up with us. By coming together, we support our athletes in their games, the comical in spirit week, the bold in pep-rally games, the creative in hallway decorating, the vocal in cheers, and the community in celebration.

In the end, Homecoming is not about winning games or having the best spirit week outfit or hallway: it’s about that gentle feeling of pride in our community that ripples through our hearts. The true meaning of Homecoming often gets overshadowed by the excitement of the week, but I believe that the simplicity of this year’s Homecoming illuminated it instead. In the words of Dieter F. Uchtdorf, “There is a beauty and clarity that comes from simplicity that we sometimes do not appreciate in our thirst for intricate solutions.”

Do you want to have a say in Homecoming, pep-rallies, and other school-wide activities? Join Student Council! We are a group of leaders that represent the school, striving to make it a better, more unified, place. We meet most Mondays during tenth period in Mrs. Sears room. Listen to the announcements for more information.

We've got spirit!

Comic Corner

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Meet the Exchange Students

Meet Julie

Julie is one of three foreign exchange students this year. She is from Aarhus, Denmark. Aarhus is the second-largest city in Denmark. In her free time, Julie likes to rock climb, ski, run, and watch the show Friends. One of Julie’s favorite things to do in the United States is run cross-country. The way the school system works is one of the biggest differences between Denmark and the United States. In Denmark, Julie has already graduated high school. The year after graduation, the Danes typically go on exchange or attend boarding school. Then they will go on to college in their hometown. In Denmark, college students live at home with their parents. After college, they have the option to go to university. The most similar thing we have to a Danish university would be graduate school.

Meet Maria

Hi! I’m Maria and I am from Lisbon, the capital of Portugal, a small yet beautiful country. Lisbon is a nice city. You can find new things to do every day like going to the beach, walking next to the river, going to cafes, shopping, going to the movies, hanging out in the park, or just watching the sunset in a beautiful outdoor restaurant. Portugal has really good food too. I can tell, for example, that one of the biggest differences between America and Portugal is our schedule. In Portugal, I would start school at 8:30 am, with it usually ending at 4:30 pm. Next, we do activities, although not as many people choose to do them. Then we have dinner at 9 pm, not 6:30 pm. Coming from a big city, I had a pretty hectic lifestyle with public transportation, school, hanging out with friends, and activities out of school. For example, I used to practice kickboxing, spend time with family, and sit in traffic while a lot of people just walk around. Although it is a big difference for me to go from a big city to a small town like Williamson, it feels good to have a more relaxed lifestyle and being able to experience how people in other parts of the world live. I’m really happy and excited to keep building my new life here.

Meet Nadejda

I’m Nadia from the small, but beautiful, country Moldova. I am very friendly and open. I hope that while I’m here I will meet a lot of friends. I love volunteering; it takes up most of my time. I can’t wait to start volunteering in Williamson. I also love meeting new people and discovering new things: one of the reasons why I’m here. Coming to the USA was one of my dreams. I am glad that I am here now and that I have the opportunity to spend my exchange year in Williamson with all of you! I sincerely hope that my year here will change my life and I will return home a completely different person. I am also very grateful to each of you for making my day better!

The Concept of Hygge

By Julie Dalager

Hygge (HOO-ga) is a Danish word that has begun spreading to the rest of the world. No other nation seems to have a word quite like it. There isn't just one word that can describe what hygge is. It's a feeling, a look, a mood, and so much more. It represents that particular feeling or moment when you're at total ease and nothing is bothering or annoying you. It's that feeling you get when you are with your friends, having a good time, or on vacation with your family. Phones turned off and forgot about somewhere, a game of UNO is going on, with snow falling outside and a glass of hot chocolate in hand. The fireplace is blazing, and you have just the right atmosphere and awareness. That is what hygge is all about.

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The New Buzz in the Library

By Rachel Ramsdell and Citlali Alba

Have you heard the new buzz? It’s the bees! There is a beehive in the bookcase next to the stools in the library. If you want to visit the bees, ask Mrs.Schauf and she would be glad to introduce you to them. Beeyoncé is the queen bee.

Bee Committee is the club that is responsible for the bees. It consists of four different subcommittees: Beekeepers, Gardeners, Education, and Design/Promotion. Beekeepers work with the adults to keep the hive healthy by performing weekly checks. Gardeners help plan the potential garden that is going to be put in. Once the garden is ready, the Gardeners will take care of it. Educators advocate for and teach people about the bees. They also promote bee causes and bee-positive initiatives. Designers and Promoters create promotional materials related to the bees that will disseminate information to the school and community at large.

Bee Committee is always looking for new members. You do not have to know anything about bees to join because you will learn. If you have a passion for saving the environment, love insects, and/or want to become more involved, you should join Bee Committee; it looks great on a college resume! Bee Committee meets tenth period on Thursdays in the library classroom. Snacks are provided. Help spread the buzz about the bees!

Photography by Cole Campbell


By Devon Enright

I am trapped in its web of guilt,

it holds me so painfully close to reality,

yet I can never reach it.

It's always just out of my grasp.

Then I see it: the spider.

Made up of all my inner pain and fears.

It comes to devour the last shreds of sanity I have left.

Meet the New Teachers

Miss Patt

Miss Patt is the temporary chemistry teacher. She loves to ski, something she has loved since she was 3 years old, and cook. If she could start a business, she would open a bakery. She chose to be a teacher instead of a baker because she has always loved helping her friends when they didn’t know something and looked up to her father, who is a teacher. Not only does her passion for teaching foster her love for her work, but her students make her excited to come to work every day. Her time teaching in Williamson has been great so far since everyone has been friendly. In addition to teaching, she loves the television show “Burn Notice” because her family watched it together every day without spoiling anything. The ending of the entire show only made her love it more.

Mr. Casper

Mr.Casper was a popular building substitute teacher last year. His success secured him a position as a full-time special education teacher, Mrs.Shay’s old position. He is looking forward to working with the same students for multiple years and watching them graduate. Believe it or not, Mr.Casper didn’t go to college with the intention of becoming a teacher. When he went to MCC, he changed his major from graphic design to teaching. He believes that he made the right decision and is happier now. If he wasn’t a graphic designer or teacher and had to start a business, he would start a high-end piano shop. He believes that tennis balls are fuzzy because it softens the blow when a tennis player gets hit in the head with the ball. If he found a penguin in a freezer, he would buy it a plane ticket to Antarctica. His favorite cartoon is “Batman: The Animated Series” since he grew up loving Batman and superheroes. Also, he believes that the show has amazing writing, voice acting, music, and animation. If Mr.Caper was a crayon in a crayon box, he would definitely be red. Mr.Casper is a wonderful teacher and we are all excited that he will be staying with us in Williamson!

Mrs. Upson

Mrs.Upson is the new secretary in the main office, with her desk to the right as you walk in. Before coming to Williamson, she was a teacher’s aide in Wayne. In her free time, she likes to golf, read, and travel. Historical fiction is her favorite genre, especially stories about World War II. She has traveled to Ireland many times since she is Irish. She claims that driving in Ireland is difficult because she drove a stickshift vehicle with the steering wheel on the right side of the car, all while dodging sheep in the road! At least she could admire the lush landscape surrounding her. It’s no surprise that her favorite color is green, particularly kelly green, which she would describe as “happy, fresh, and alive” to a blind person. Even though her favorite color is green, Mrs.Upson believes that if she was a crayon, she would be yellow because it’s “cheerful and bright.” I asked her what her spirit animal was and she didn’t know until she took a quiz that said her spirit animal is a sea turtle, which suggests that she should take advice from the name of her debut album if she had one, “Look at the Big Picture.” Her experience at Williamson has been pleasant so far, for she loves the tight-knit and warm community feeling of Williamson. Mrs.Upson would love to meet all of you! She loves people and wants to put more names to faces. If you visit her in the main office, you might get some chocolate, her favorite candy!

Meet Mrs.Western and Mr.Broomfield in our next edition!

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