Ally Condie

"In the society officials decide. Who you love. Where you work. When you die."


In the society where Cassia Reyes she lives everything is decided for you. The officials decide where you work, what you eat, how you spend your free time, when you die, and even who you spend the rest of your life with. On her 17th birthday, Cassia finally gets to find out who her match is. When it turns out to be her childhood friend, Xander, she is overjoyed. Things take a turn for the worst however, when a second face pops up on the screen, making Cassia curious about her society. "The society doesn't make mistakes"(36) Who is she meant to be with, and is the society actually doing what is best for its citizens?

Main Characters

Cassia Reyes: An adventerous and curious 17 year old girl matched with her best friend. After she is given a second match, she becomes untrusting of her government and must decide who she will love. She is influenced by her grandfather and Ky, to break the rules in the society and fight back.

Xander Carrow: Cassia's childhood friend and apparent match. He is smart, clever, and charismatic. He quickly falls in love with Cassia, but knows that there are other things and people on her mind.

Ky Markham: An abberation in the society who is supposed to be unmatched, but somehow is matched with cassia. He is adventurous, hardworking, and mysterious. Helps Cassia to solve the mysteries within the government and helps her to go against the standards.


This book is targeted towards young adults, although it is probably going to be more appreciated by girls because of the romance in the story. There is lots of adventure throughout the story while Cassia tries to figure out her government and learn the things she shouldn't know. It is very easy to compare this book to "Hunger Games" because of its controlling government and love triangle between Cassia, Xander, and Ky. I enjoyed this book and think that anyone who is looking for a quick, entertaining and exciting series to start would enjoy it also.