Come On Guys Lets Raise Some Money For This Great Wee Club

Coming Soon Ps3 Fifa 14 Tournament With A Cause

Looking For 31 people including myself to help out a great wee football team who needs help raise some funds. Mossend F.C 05 Team, What i plan to do is have a fifa tournament where each person pays £10 each to enter, the winner and 2nd place will both receive a prize . I'm working on getting some prizes including a trophy for the winner. Also the 31 people who join can have a £10 bet where the winner receives £40 if this is successful this will raise £600 for the club and they would be so grateful. I honestly don't think we will get anyware near 32 players lets see many we get see if we can at least raise something please.

  • we would add 32 of the best star rating teams into one bowl and the name of the 32 players in another and pick out one from each so no one gets to pick there team and its fare.
  • We will be entered 4 teams into 8 groups and play each team in the group once.
  • the top 2 teams will then go through into knock out stages until we have a winner
  • Each match would be 4 minutes a half
  • if you get beat no taking a huff its only a game and some fun for a good cause
  • can bring alcohol along if you wanted but not Get steaming drunk if you still have games to play

Fifa Champions League For Funds For Mossend 05 Team

Saturday, March 8th, 12pm

89 Dalriada Crescent


Date and time just an idea not decided yet and will need to see if we can get enough players all for a great cause and help the kids who have great potential.

We Need Donations

If any one could be so helpful and donate some prizes for the winners that would be great just send me a pm, i will be buying a trophy and certificate for 1st place.

Thanks Robert Rowlands