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Fight For The Top Of The World

By Aaron and Trevor

Currently Denmark, Norway, Russia, The US and Canada are all fighting to control the Artic, top of the world. These five country’s want the land because it is believed to hold 30% of the world’s natural gas and 15% of its oil. Because of climate change the North Pole is shrinking and is now more accessible. According to the law, sea within 230 miles of a country’s coastline is part of the country’s territory. In 2007 Russia planted a flag on the seafloor of the North Pole.

Rancho Buena Vista Adobe Field Trip

By: Andrew and Spencer

Last Tuesday our class, B9, went on a field trip to Rancho Buena Vista Adobe. This rancho is located in Vista. It takes about 20-30 minutes to get there. We made candles out of wax and branded leather. To make the candles we dipped a string into melted wax, dipped it into ice water, and went to the back of the line to do again. This process took about 20-25 dips. To brand the leather our guide took a red hot branding iron and stuck it into the leather. Also, our class took a peek at their houses, their bathroom, their chapel, their workroom, and their living room. I think that our class really liked our field trip to the rancho.

Daylight Savings

By Berkley

Ever wondered why we do day light savings? Well, here are some reasons why. Plus a little bit of info about it.

It all started during World War 2, thanks to Germany. They invented the idea in order to conserve coal. They figured out that by resetting their clocks they saved energy. The main reason for it is that it makes a good use of daylight and it conserves energy. Also, those who woke early in the morning used more energy because there is less daylight, and that is a good reason to reset your clock so that you wake up when the daylight comes out.

New Read aloud

By: Bracken and Seth

Our new read aloud book is called Tales of the Odyssey. It’s about Romans/Greeks and the gods. So far in the book Helen got captured by the Romans. A man was sent off for 10 years with his best soldiers and was away from his family. Athena, the goddess of wisdom, helped the leader get a plan ready to get Helen back. The original author of this book is written by a man named Homer, but the one we are reading is a shorter version written by Mary Pope Osborn. The original book was written around 900 B.C.

Amazing Art Corps

By Neha Mahesh and Abby McNulty

The students in b8 and b9 like doing Art Corps but sadly it’s coming to an end. We had lots of fun lessons including Lines space texture and color. In our previous lesson we put all of those together and made wonderful drawings of insects. We have also drawn more pictures such as snowmen flower vases cats and butterflies. This is run by very nice parent volunteers. They help us by passing out and collecting supplies and giving us ideas for how to draw something. One famous artist that we learned about is Pablo Picasso. We can’t wait for our next lesson!

Locks of Lovely Love

By Anna Gustaf and Hailey Berkson

It is the time of year to donate hair to Locks of love. Locks of love is a program at our school where you can donate at least 10 inches of your hair. Your hair will be donated to make wigs for kids who don’t have any or need it. What you should really know is that when you are donating hair, it will be for a very good cause. Parents may also come too. Fill out our form ,in the office, to turn in by March 13th . Hope you come on down on March 25th at Wednesday gathering to get your hair cut and donated!

First Ever 4th Grade Softball Game

By: Zach Darmanyan and Kai Concepcion

At the Stone Ranch Spring Fling there is going to be tickets and you the “parents” can purchase a ticket for the first ever Stone Ranch softball/baseball game. Also there will be an auction for stuff you can get for the softball/baseball game after school on a Wednesday.

All lot of people are looking forward to it. Four students from each class will go to the spring fling softball/baseball game. And people will also be looking forward to the food and yes we will have snacks and Gatorade at the softball/baseball game.

Don’t worry it will be super-duper fun for you and the students, If you Think your bad, it does not matter, it’s just a game, so have fun. Thank you for taking the time to read our newsletter.

Super Science

By: Delina and Nicole

The class of B9 is currently studying about animals in science. We have learned many vocabulary words such as ecosystem, niche, producers and consumers. Also, we have learned about animal adaptations. There are two kinds of animal adaptations. They are physical adaptations and behavioral adaptations. Physical adaptations are the features an animal has on its body to help it survive. Behavioral adaptations are things that an animal does to help it survive. Recently, the students of B9 have been giving animal presentations that give information about an animal of their choice. We used Google Slides to give our presentations. The class has also been taking science notes from our science books for the upcoming test that is being planned by Mrs.Iamele for some time next week. In our science notes we write down definitions of words and red check questions. These will be helpful if we study them so we have the information that is needed for the test. We hope are article informed you about our science unit.

Pizza Party!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

By: Rebecca and Joyce

"Yeah!" Our class shouted, we won the Flippn’ Pizza party, we were encouraged to go to Flippn’ Pizza on February 24th and 25th. We are very excited to have a pizza party, we won because our class had the most people dine there on the 24th and 25th . (Mrs. Iamele is waiting for a call to notify us on when we are going to have the party.) Our teacher, Mrs. Iamele, gave us candy, extra recess and table points. There were winners for primary and upper grade classes.


By: Kevin and Ryan

Recently, our class is learning about fractions. We learned that when you add and subtract fractions the denominator stays the same. Also when you multiply fractions it is easier then adding and subtracting. You need common denominator in order to solve the fraction.

Yesterday, we also learned how to change from an improper fraction to a mixed fraction. You can do that by dividing the numerator to the denominator. For example, 21/5= 4 1/5. Today we learned how to bring over when subtracting fractions. For example, 2 1/8 – 1 5/8.

Thank you for looking about what we are learning in this unit of fractions.

Should Students Be Allowed to Pick Their Own Teacher?


By Addison Coover and Brooke Roberts

We came up with a debate for you called should students be allowed to pick their own teachers. Some people think they should and some people think they shouldn’t.

We are the against side of this debate, we don’t think students should not pick their own teacher because if there is a really good teacher then everyone will pick that teacher, and then the teacher wouldn’t have any kids to teach.

Another reason is when students get to choose their own teacher then all the students will go with their friends to the same teacher, and some won’t get a good education because they talked with their friends so much.

The last reason is the boys will want to go with the boy teachers and the girls would go with the girl teachers, and the girl teacher might not be that good and same for the boy teachers.

I hope you know now that we don’t think that students should be allowed to pick their own teachers.


by Arch Huang

Students should be able to pick their own teachers for the following reasons:

First, if students really want a teacher to go with, they can pick that teacher they want.

Also, students also like to be with their friends in class. Students that get to pick classes get to pick classes with their friends in it.

Finally, even if a class is full, a school can mark a CLOSED sign over the teacher’s name to say that the class is full.

These are the reasons why students SHOULD be able to pick their own teachers.

Report Card Time!

by Mia Chambers

It’s that time of year again were you get to ground your kids and relax for a little while wile your kids do all the cleaning and you get to watch them. That time is Report card time. Our report cards should be coming home with us next Friday. We should get ready for the grounding to come. I mean have you seen our report cards? They are bad, let me tell you that! Oh, wait of course you haven’t seen our report cards they haven’t been sent home yet but when you see your child’s report card you will be yelling at her to get to her room. What is it with kids these days they just can’t get a good grade on a report card anymore. They should come home with an on demand also that we did on if wildfires should be allowed to burn themselves out in the wild or be put out when they start. So just remember don’t clean up the house because your kids will have to do that after you see their report card on Friday next week

Camp Invention

By raegan and julia

“Where Big Ideas Become The Next Big Thing”. Camp Inventions motto suits it. I should know this. From the two great years I had at Camp Invention, I discovered the great thing in science. At Camp Invention, I learned when you recycle items like Styrofoam, all you got to do is add some tape and you can make a race track made only with available items. Camp Invention is coming to Park Village Elementary, Stone Ranch Elementary, and Painted Rock Elementary. For Stone Ranch, it is from 9:00 AM to 3:30 PM. It goes from June 22-26. For Park Village, same time only from June 15-19. For Painted Rock, it is from 8:30 AM to 3:00 PM and the same days as Stone Ranch. You have to register by March 20th. You can sign up now at http://campinvention.org. We hope you participate!

On Demand Writing

by Sierra and Adriana

Wild fires have been burning and destroying towns and cites. Our on demand writing is the debate about whether or not wild fires should be allowed to burn. In our opinion wild fires shouldn’t be allowed to burn. People could get hurt or die. Homes that cost millions of dollars could burn down. On the other side it could make trees regrow and also make plants. What do you think, should they be allowed to burn?

Important Dates

Science Test- March 13 (Study Guide to come home next week)

March Muffin Madness- March 16-March 20

Mustache Day- March 11

Report Cards go Home- March 13