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Write A Guest Blog Post

We are looking for guest blogs for the blogs that we manage. We publish only the highest quality blog posts.

Each guest post must be at least 700 words and may contain only a single link. The post must be written with proper grammar and in native English.

Please see the blogs that we manage below.

We also love to write guest blog posts on many topics, if you are looking for content for your blog please feel free to contact me as well and I’d be happy to submit a guest post for your blog.

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How Guest Blogging Works

Building backlinks has become an important method of promoting ones website or blog and it is the best way to get your site or blog to rank in Google. Writing a guest blog simply means that you write content that will be posted on someone else’s blog, in return that content will contain a link that points back to your site/blog.

There are different types of guest blogs, some guest blogs are purely pay to play, you write the post and pay the owner of the blog a flat fee to publish your blog. Another type of guest blog are blogs that post a ton of guest posts on many different topics and have ads all over every page, thus profiting from this free content. The problem with such blogs is that they tend to post lots of lower quality content on many topics and in most cases Google is aware of the quality of these posts and will not give your, quality guest post the credit it deserves.

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Holy Grail of Guest Blogs

The Holy Grail of guest blogging is to find a quality blog that ranks well in Google and that already has much content that is related to the topic that you wish to guest post about. Writing a guest post on such a blog will give you the greatest exposure and will get you the biggest bang for your backlink.

It is also helpful if the blog that you publish your guest post on is very selective about the number of guest posts that they publish and their quality.

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