Whitman Family Newsletter

January 6, 2023


Hello Families!

Happy New Year! We kicked off 2023 with another round of our school-wide expectation rotations. Students circulated to different spaces in our school to review expectations, including a video of themselves meeting those expectations! We will be posting those videos on our website next week, and will be sure to send you the link so that you can watch them with your child!

I’d also like to start off the New Year by sharing our 2022-2023 Family Compact with all of you (see below). As a staff we are committed to making Whitman the best possible space for each of your children, this year and every year. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to anyone on staff for any reason!


Heather Thompson

Whitman School Parent/Staff/Student Compact 2022-2023

Whitman Elementary Mission:

Whitman’s students, families, and staff are committed to creating a safe and healthy community of lifelong learners. All individuals are valued, respected, and empowered through the acknowledgement of both their academic and emotional strengths.

By having high academic expectations, Whitman students will be college and career ready.

Whitman Elementary Values: Community * Commitment * Empowerment

In order to achieve this mission and bring our values to life, we commit to:

Staff Responsibilities: I will…

  • Help students develop a love of learning by showing my enthusiasm for the subjects I teach

  • Nurture, celebrate and recognize the unique skills and talents of each student

  • Create a learning community that is respectful, responsible, and safe, where expectations are taught and reinforced fairly

  • Provide opportunities to practice and master the skills need to meet state standards, grade level benchmarks and become critical thinkers

  • Communicate regularly with families about their child’s social, emotional, & academic progress

Family Responsibilities: I will…

  • Nurture, celebrate and recognize the unique skills and talents of my child

  • Support my child to be at school every day on time, rested, and ready to learn

  • Spend time each day reading and/or talking with my child

  • Communicate and collaborate with my child’s teacher and other school staff

  • Attend family conferences

  • Attend school activities and/or volunteer at school when my schedule permits

Student Responsibilities: I will…

  • Celebrate and share my unique skills and talents

  • Come to school rested, on time, and ready to learn

  • Be prepared for class with finished homework and needed materials

  • Take pride in my work, persevere, and demonstrate a growth mindset

  • Follow classroom and school expectations

  • Demonstrate safety, kindness, and positive communication while on school grounds

Attendance Announcements

School starts at 8:45–please make sure your child is at school on time or a bit early if they would like to eat breakfast! Staff members begin supervising outside at 8:15 and students and families can enter the building starting at 8:30.

Our 100th day of school is coming up on February 16! Students who have met the goal of attending at least 90% of school days will be receiving a special prize that day! Please check in with Reggie or with Ms. Locarno if you would like an update on your child’s current attendance!

Important Dates

We are working to keep the calendar on our website up to date, so please check https://www.pps.net/whitman for a full list of upcoming events!

Here are some dates to keep in mind:

  • January 11: SUN Night, 4:30-6PM

  • January 16: NO SCHOOL, MLK Day

  • January 26: Family Movie Night, 6-8PM


SUN Night

Wednesday, Jan. 11th, 4:30-6:30pm

7326 Southeast Flavel Street

Portland, OR

Join us on Wednesday January 11th, 2023 in the school cafeteria 4:30pm to 6pm. Check out the new after school classes we will be having for winter term!


● RAFFLE for prizes!

● Meet the SUN STAFF!

● Attendees get first priority

to sign up for classes.


Any questions, contact SUN manager NICOLE WILLIAMS, nwilliams@impactnw.org or DULCE LOPEZ, dlopez@impactnw.org 503-319-5813 (Hablo español)

Family Movie Night

Thursday, Jan. 26th, 6-8pm

7326 Southeast Flavel Street

Portland, OR

Join us January 26th to watch Captain Underpants in the Whitman Cafeteria 6-8PM!

Pizza, Snacks, and Hot Chocolate will be provided!



Did you know that our SUN program has an Amazon wishlist? If you would like to support us with purchasing some of these items, please click here! Feel free to share this link with friends and family as well!

Join the PTA today!


1. Families Benefit — We use our funds for

events for students and families to take part

in shared experiences together.

2. The School Benefits — We also provide

Teacher Grants and donate to SUN.

3. Make Connections — Let your voice be

heard as we decide how to best provide

resources for the Whitman Community!

You can find this information and more about the

organization at http://facebook.com/ftwpta or email

us at: president@ptawhitman.org