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Week of: September 19-23, 2016

TEAM Member of the Week

Jennie Ashley is our TEAM Member of the Week this week. Welcome to Dublin Jennie! We are glad you're with us and you are off to a great start with your new kindergartners.

To learn more about Ashley, please click HERE to visit her Staff Profile on our Dublin web page. Jennie is a frequent flyer on Twitter! Thank you Jennie for tweeting all of the wonderful learning taking place in Room 401. Please be sure to get on Twitter and see what is happening with Jennie's kindergarten class and visit her other web resources below! Welcome to our Dublin TEAM Jennie!

Jennie's Class Website:

Jennie's Blog, Tales from the Teacher:

Follow Jennie on Twitter:


Upcoming Important Events

September 2016

  • September 20 Half Day Students/Professional Learning PM Teachers
  • September 20 STRIDE (4:00-5:15 PM) Gym
  • September 20 LAYA's Taste of the Lakes (5:00-8:00 PM) Edgewood Country Club
  • September 20 Cultures of Thinking Workshop-Oakland Schools (6:30-8:30 PM)
  • September 21 PBIS Team Meeting (8:00 AM) Conference Room A
  • September 21 REED Meeting-Rhian Jennett (9:15-10:15 AM) Conference Room A
  • September 21 Tornado Drill Practice (10:00 AM)
  • September 21 IEP-Austin Sharpe (11:15-12:15 PM) Conference Room A
  • September 21 Cookie Dough Fundraiser Drawings During Lunch Hour
  • September 21 First Grade PBL Discussion (2:30-3:00 PM) Media Center
  • September 22 MEMSPA Board Meeting (7:30-8:30 AM) Jeff
  • September 22 SIPP-Conference Room A
  • September 22 STRIDE (4:00-5:15 PM) Gym
  • September 22 Girl Scouts (4:00-5:00 PM) Media Center
  • September 23 First Grade Grant Training
  • September 23 AXA Financial Visit the Staff Lounge (11:00 AM-1:30 PM)
  • September 24 Middle School Curriculum Night (6:30-8:00 PM)
  • September 26 Picture Day (Media Center)
  • September 26 Community Ed. Musical Theater Class (4:00-5:00 PM) Media Center
  • September 26 High School Curriculum Night (6:30-8:30 PM)
  • September 27 Lockdown Practice 2 (2:30 PM)
  • September 27 STRIDE Practice (4:00-5:15 PM) Gym
  • September 28 GLP in Staff Lounge (11:15-1:10 PM)
  • September 28 Multicultural Committee Meeting (4:30-6:30 PM) ESC
  • September 29 STRIDE Practice (4:00-5:15 PM) Gym
  • September 30 FBA/PBSP Meeting-Andrew Reck (9:00-10:30 AM) Conference Room A

Professional Learning-Half Day

Our first professional learning half day will take place Tuesday, September 20th. This will be a District designated professional learning half day with the our focus on ELA Assessment Shifts and the new Lucy Calkins Writing Checklists and Rubrics for Writing.

All FAPES and Special Services staff including ancillary staff, will work with their department teams that day. Please see details from Sheryl Brown and FAPES Department chairs.

Please remember that all teachers need to PRE-REGISTER for the professional learning they are attending on KALPA. The afternoon session at Dublin is Course Number:

All teachers will need to sign in and out on Tuesday for validation purposes.

Remember that students will be dismissed at 12:09 PM on Tuesday.

We will begin our work together at 1:00 PM and work until 4:00 PM in the Media Center. Three hours of professional learning time are required for the afternoon. Please bring your writing kits with you and your laptop.

Lunch is on your own right after students are dismissed.

Please make sure parents are well aware of this half day in your communications with them. Special thank you to Kristin Squires and Martha Rogers who will be helping me to facilitate this important afternoon of learning.


The 16th Annual Lakes Area Youth Assistance - Taste of the Lakes will take place on Tuesday, September 20, 2016.

Tickets are $25 in advance, $30 at the door. Tickets may be purchased at:

  • LAYA 248-956-5070 - 615 N Pontiac Trail
  • Commerce Twp 248-624-0110 - 2009 Township
  • Village of Wolverine Lake 248-624-1710 - 425 Glengary

The Taste of the Lakes will take place at Edgewood Country Club (8399 Commerce Rd., Commerce, 48382) from 5:00-8:00 PM.

Cultures of Thinking Workshop

Six of our Dublin teachers will be attending the Cultures of Thinking Workshop taking place at Oakland Schools on Tuesday, September 20th from 6:30-8:30 PM. We look forward to hearing Ron Ritchhart, the author of the book Creating Cultures of Thinking and other books. We look forward to bringing back and sharing our learning to all Dublin teachers.

PBIS Team Meeting

The Dublin PBIS Team will meet on Wednesday this week, September 21st at 8:00 AM in Conference Room A. Please plan to meet with the group on Wednesday as we plan, and move forward with our PBIS work at Dublin.

Student Instructional Planning Process (SIPP)

This year our SIPP Team will be meeting with teachers one day per month.

A GOOGLE form has been developed for teachers to sign up to participate in meeting with the SIPP team to talk about Tier 2 interventions with individual students. This has been shared with you on GOOGLE.

A SIPP GOOGLE form has also been developed for teachers to briefly record their academic and behavior concerns for students with data. This has been shared with you on GOOGLE.

Click HERE for our SIPP Sign Up Form

Click HERE for our SIPP Recording Form

A SIPP sub will be secured. Meetings will be 20 minutes in length and take place in Conference Room A in the main office. Teachers who have signed up must have sub plans ready for these meetings. You will have 10 minutes to transition the sub so that the next teacher can attend his/her meeting with the team. Please be timely with this and plan ahead. We must keep on schedule.

Our September SIPP meetings take place thisweek on Thursday, September 22nd.

Tornado Drill Practice

We will have a tornado drill practice on Wednesday, September 21st at 10:00 AM. It is important that all staff and students understand the differences in the different kinds of practice drills at school, especially right at the beginning of the year.

Please prepare yourselves and your students for this important practice drill on Wednesday.


Testing window 1 for the iReady Diagnostic is now through October 28th.

All iReady testing for the first window should be completed before October 28th.

We will be discussing the ELA shifts in assessment on Tuesday, and will clarify questions regarding ELA testing.

Remember that the iReady Diagnostic may be accessed on Chrome Books as well as the lab. Login information will be shared with you. Class rosters will be checked this week to make sure all students are set up and ready for testing.


Our new Dublin STRIDE running team will start their practices this Thursday, September 22nd. All STRIDE boys in grade 3-5 will report to the gym every Tuesday and Thursday afternoon for the next 10 weeks. These boys will practice in the gym and outside on the playground. The boys will NOT have a practice on Tuesday this week due to the half day of school.

STRIDE is a running group and the program has been developed by the YMCA. The boys will practice running each time they practice and also participate in lessons helping them to be confident, yet respectful young men. The boys will run a 5K race at the end of the fall season.

If parents ask or have questions about STRIDE, please send them to the YMCA website or they may contact Kathy Barber, Tia Kreps, and Leslie Szalk, our parent coaches.

We will provide a list of these students to 3-5 teachers this week so you know who to send to STRIDE. For full details and information about STRIDE, please click HERE.

Picture Day

Picture Day is Monday, September 26th.

You can already begin to order portraits now at using

Picture Day ID: LM726064YO.

All Picture Day packets were placed in teachers' mailboxes and should already have been sent home with students. Please make sure each student has taken this home.

Please encourage parents to order online! It is fast, easy, and saves collecting forms.

All students and staff will have their pictures taken on Monday. Pictures will be used in our yearbook and for staff ID cards and student ID cards for the library. Picture stickers will also be used for each students' CA 60 file.

PTA Fundraiser in Full Swing!

Please make sure that all information related to our PTA Cookie Dough Fundraiser has gone home with each student. Information is always placed on the PTA website. Click HERE to view all information about this fundraiser, and direct parent questions to this web link.

There will be special drawing on Wednesday this week, September 21st during all lunch hours for those students who have returned their Fundraising Permission Slip.

Please collect these and send them to the office as you receive them. Please clip them together with a post it on them with your name.

Below are all of the details if students or parents or you have questions...

Dublin Elementary Fall Fundraiser

Our goal is to raise $15,000!

Please participate in this year’s Classic Recipes® Cookie Dough and Entertainment® Book*fundraiser to raise money for Field Trips, Classroom supplies/Books, and Scholarships and more for ALL of our students!

**Our goal is for each student to sell at least 5 items!
If everyone participates, we will meet and exceed our goal!**

Grand Prize Drawing: $500 Target Giftcard or Kalahari Vacation Package!!

Kalahari Vacation includes: $350 Kalahari Gift Card, $100 Visa & $50 Gas card! Receive entry for every 5 items sold.

Sell 50 or More Items: Receive $50 cash

Sell 25-49 Items: Receive $25 cash and everything below

Sell 20 or More Items: Receive VIP seating at the BMX Show and everything below

Sell 15 or More Items: Receive a $50 CJ Barrymore's VIP Pass and everything below

Sell 10 or More Items: Receive a Zap Zone Pass AND a Detroit Piston Ticket and everything below

See 5 or More Items: Receive an awesome Plush Tiger with a $1-$100 bill inside. Each plush will contain a $1, $2, $5, $10, $20, $50, or $100 bill! Multiple $50s and Big Winners!

Money and order forms due by Friday, September 30th

** Turn in the permission slip for selling 5 or more items by Wednesday, September 21st in order to be entered in the lunchtime drawing that will take place on Friday, September 23rd. A second drawing will take place in October.***

Order Pick up: Tuesday, November 8th, beginning at 12:30 pm

Make Checks Payable To:
Dublin PTA

You have spoken and we have listened! We understand not all families want to sell cookie dough, for various reasons. If you would like to donate money instead of selling cookie dough, please do so.

If you donate $30, the approximate profit from selling 5 items of cookie dough, and complete the form below by 9/21, your child will be able to draw a plush tiger.

*Please note if your family chooses to give a cash donation and not sell cookie dough, the ONLY prize available for your child is the plush tiger with money. The other awards are from the entertainment book company for selling of cookie dough.

** Please make checks payable to Dublin Elementary and include child’s name and teacher on the check.

Please contact Leslie Szalk at

Join and Support the PTA!

Don't forget to join the PTA asap! We would like to have 100% staff participation again this year. If you have already done this-THANK YOU! Forms are available in the office and you can also go to our PTA website on our Dublin webpage or click HERE for a form to complete. It is only $8 to join and show your support for the PTA. Thank you!

Click HERE for the PTA Reimbursement Form which is always located on the Dublin PTA web page. Remember, to continue receiving money from our generous PTA, they are asking that each staff member volunteer at one PTA event this year. They can really use the help, and this shows great support. For a list of all of the PTA events, click HERE. Thank you.


It is so great to see so many teachers tweeting great learning activities happening with students. Parents are really beginning to catch on as well!

Remember, we want to tell our story! Tweet out interesting learning activities happening in your classrooms. If you need help getting started, please see a fellow staff member. Many are already on their way! Don't forget to include the following tags in your tweets:




REMIND 101 Directions

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Staff Profile and Web Page Updates

Don't forget to update your staff profile for our Dublin web page as soon as possible. Thank you to those who have updated this already. Please send me your updated profile via email and I will update this for you. Please also email your link to your blog or web page so I may also include that for you. If you have a Twitter handle I can also add that for. Thank you for remembering to take care of this important task.

Community Education Classes

All Community Education classes across the District begin on Monday, September 19th.

Please be aware that some of your students will attend these after-school events and classes. We will make sure to notify all teachers which students are involved with each of the classes so you can be prepared for their dismissal procedures. Please watch for this information from the office.

Click HERE for a Community Ed. Brochure of classes this fall at Dublin and other WL schools.

Dublin Contact Information

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Patti Harthun

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