Ten Times More Death

By: Thomas, Rachel, Caitlyn, Savanna

Bloody water

In this plague Moses turns the Nile into blood. This is the first plague. You can find this in Exodus 7:14-24
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Attack of the froggies

The next day, Moses went to Pharaoh. "Let my people go!" Moses declared, "I refuse to let your people go, Moses!" The pharaoh replied. That night, a plague of frogs that went on for about a month started.

This is found in Exodus 8:1-15

The icky buggies attack

Moses came to pharaoh again, "Let my people go!" he yelled. "I still refuse, Moses! Bring your false God's plagues at us, we will not back down." So then, God sent gnats to eat the crops.

This can be found in Exodus 8:16-19.

More of these buggies

"God grows tired of your foolishness, Pharaoh." Moses said angrily, "Let my people go!" he pleaded, "You have to right to human labor! We are God's children!" Moses yelled passionately, "You can still repent, you can make this right!" He offered, "Your god is FALSE, Moses. I still refuse to let your people go!"

That night, God sent flies to swarm the land.

Exodus 8:20-32


The next day, when the process was repeated God sent a plague of death upon all cattle.

Exodus 8:12 2-3

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The Boo-Boo Plague

Moses came to pharaoh the next day, "Let my people go pharaoh. The lord grows tired of your foolishness." "I still refuse, you will not have your freedom."

After this, Moses threw ash in the air, it became the dust of the land and there was a plague of boils that swept through the land.

Exodus 8:12 8-12

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Make it Rain

And then the Lord sent hail to plague the Egyptians.

Exodus 9:13-35

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Really Buggies Again?!

Then God sent a swarm of nasty locusts to eat all the plants. Yuck!


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Hello Darkness My Old Friend

The Pharaoh stubbornly declined the request of the Hebrew people once again, and so god sent a plague of darkness over the land.

Exodus 10-21-29

Death to 1st Borns

The last plague, the death of the first born children. This time, Pharaoh would accept the requests of the people. Though he declined at first, god killed the first born child and cattle in the homes that weren't covered lamb's blood.

Exodus 11:1-10