My Goals

Setting Goals

My academic goal is to go to college, I would like to get a better time on the mile for my athletic goals, For my personal goals I would like to become a teacher.

Overcoming Obstacles

One of my physical obstacles for getting a good time on the mile is I get tired and I stop too much. An example of my family obstacle is my grandma because she keeps going to the hospital because her stomach keeps hurting. Some school obstacles is not participating enough. My financial obstacles is saving money for things that I need like school supplies and clothes.


Some teachers I can go to for help are Ms. Aguilar, Mrs. McGowen, Ms. Area, Ms. Nguyen, Mrs. Fisk, and Mr. Jezowski. I would go to my parents and cousins to ask for help. I would ask Valerie, Betsy, Angie, Giselle, Michelle.

My Personal Action Plan

For my attitude and motive plan I would like to stay positive and face the day. I would complete my assignments for my education. Speak up in front of the class for mmy acquiring needed skills. I got to study for my geography tests.