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Week of April 27, 2015

Dear Parents and Guardians,

I hope you had a great week! The weather seems to be more seasonable which makes everyone feel happier. 2MU was certainly happy this week as we had many exciting adventures, including a visit from the Bug Lady. We also have a very special feature in this week's 2MU News ~ some of our classmates decided to be newspaper writers. Read on to learn more about our week as well as some of the articles from our 2MU reporters.


  • This week we read a folktale called Half-Chicken. In this story, the children learned about how the weather vane came to be...ask your child for details.
  • Our comprehension skill was Cause and Effect. We learned how one action causes another to occur~ "Be"cause this happened, this Event occurred.
  • During phonics we learned about the prefixes over, un, re, and mis.
  • We learned about irregular verbs during Grammar.
  • We viewed a BrainPop Jr. video on synonyms and antonyms and focused on practicing how to depict antonyms in sentences.


  • As writers, we began to write our Nomination Award letters focusing on adding reasons why our book should win the student created awards.
  • We learned to make our opinions longer and stronger by using examples from the text as well as quoting excerpts from our book.
  • As editors, we looked closely at punctuation and sentence structures.


  • We learned how to use a calculator to add money.
  • In learning about dollars and cents, we focused on the location of decimal to differentiate between dollars and cents. We also learned how the zero in the cents, after the decimal, affects the value of the money represented. $1.80 is a different value than $1.08


  • As scientists, we conducted experiments with sand, clay, and humus.
  • We mixed each soil with water to see if we could form a ball with any one of the soils and we learned that clay and water is dense and pliable. We made clay balls and set them aside to see what happens. Stay tuned...
  • We used test tubes to combine each soil with water and performed a "Shake -It-UP" test to see what happens. We discovered that the clay and humus with water each was very thick and did not settle as fast as the sand and water which showed very little change.

Other Activities

  • We attended the Bug Lady Assembly on Monday. We enjoyed learning about various insects. We learned that some insects have 3 body parts, six legs, and antennae while others have only 2 body parts, 8 legs, and antennae. We also had the opportunity to touch and hold many of the insects. See photos below of our "Buggy" time!
  • We had our School Community Meeting on Tuesday. Congratulations to Ryan Robbins~ He was one of the top students to raise money for this worthy cause. The Fundraising Grand total was $20,353! Way to go Lizzy Haddon!!

Science ~ Which form of soil can be shaped into a ball when water is added.

Writing Our Nomination Letters ~ Opinion Writing

Writing nomination letters and designing awards. 'Book judges' will decide if our book should win the award based on our opinion letters.

Science~ Experimenting with Sand, Clay,and Humus mixed with water

We listened to Taylor Swift's Shake it Off to inspire our mixture shake up!

Bug Lady Assembly

We enjoyed learning about various insects. As a highlight, we were able to hold and touch many of the insects...including a 'millipede' and a 'cockroach!'

Featured Writings from 2MU News Reporters

2MU Reporters Write About "The Bug Lady"

Breaking news! The bug lady came to came to Elizabeth Haddon. 2Mu touched a bunch of bugs like millipedes, caterpillars, and beetles. Wesaw tarantulas with pink exoskeletons, scorpions, and a bunch of dead bugs. She told us bug facts. She told us all about exoskeletons.


In 2Mu we went to the bug lady. She told us bug facts. I touched a beetle, caterpillar, and a millipede. It only had 240 legs. I saw a scorpion that glows. I also a tarantula with a pink exoskeleton .

Connor Williams

BREAKING NEWS: on Monday April 27th 2015 the bug lady came she taught us about the bug school and Mrs. Insect and Mr. Aracnet. We got to see a real live tarantula and we had to guess how many legs a foot long millipede had. ( My guess was the closest ) It had two hundred forty legs I guessed two hundred forty-two legs we also got to hold and feel a caterpillar that is going to tern into a beetle

By: Courtney


Monday April 27, 2015 the one and only bug lady came to Elizabeth Haddon Elementary School. She brought a lot of alive creepy and crawly bugs from all over the world! (They were in cages!) Our class got to hold all of them except for the tarantula named Rosie because her bones are pink! Some of the bugs I held were the hissing cockroach, scorpion, a really big tickly millipede, and a bunch of framed pictures of dead animals to show the parts of a bug. I think it was very fun and interesting to watch. I will never forget that day!!

By: Eleanor Faye McMackin

The Bug Lady!

One fine morning we went to the bug lady, it was amazing! She had many, many, bugs. Some alive, and some dead. We got to hold and touch some bugs! And she, the bug lady, had even brought the one and only…TRANTRLA SPIDER!!! And it was alive but we couldn’t touch or hold it, (pretty obvious,) but we saw it up close! How are they even allowed to bring a trantrla in school??? All of the dead bugs were in cases, some of them were very big! She had brought a millipede, we got hold and touch that also, and we got to guess how many legs were on it because “milli” means 1,000, but a millipede actually doesn’t have 1,000 legs.it actually has 240 legs! The bug lady assembaly was cool. Thanks for reading!

By: Ryan Robbins

The Bug Lady

On April 27, 2015 2MU went to see the bug lady. We saw a pink boned taranchula. We also got to touch and put millapeeds, centapeeds, and hissing cockroaches in our hands. At the end the bug lady told a folk tale. It went like this: Once there was a family of spiders. There was one dad and seven sons. Once the dad got caught by a falcon. The seven sons worked together to save him. At the end the dad found a globe of light. All the sons wanted it. At the end the globe of light went up into the sky.

By: Colette Thomas

2MU Reporters Write About Their Favorite Subject


My favorite subject in school is gym because I love running around and playing sports. One time in gym I made a half court shot to win the game. Halfway through the year Mrs.W our gym teacher had a baby we had a substitute teacher Miss Bass. That’s why I love gym!

By: Luke Foley

My favorite subject in school is gym.(P.E.) Because we run around and play sooo much games. Two of my favorite games are Ant Hospital and Potato Tag and Pillow Polo. We also have really great teachers. Mrs. Bass and Mrs. Weisneski. Also one time, we played outside for gym! I’m always hot and sweaty after gym. And I feel like I’m always moving. And I LOVE to move and run around.(I can never keep still) We also play games on teams, and sides. Mrs. Bass also lets us get a drink of water every game. That is why I like GYM!!!!

By: Ryka Khanna

Congratulations, Ryan Robbins!

Ryan was one of the top students to raise money for Jump Rope for Heart!
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"Jump Rope for Heart" Fundraiser~Grand Total REVEAL!

Star Student of the Week~ Chloe Williams

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