Let's Get Rid of Hoover

By Sabrina Paxton

Refuses to Help our Nation

Hoover thought Americans could take care of themselves and basically left them to fend for themselves and their families. He didn't care as long as he didn't have to involve the government, which as a president, is what you suppose to do instead of ignoring the people you take care of. All he could do was just tell people that everything was going to be okay and that the country was fixing itself when in reality he wasn't doing anything to help and continued to veto the things that would help the nation that the congress was offering. The Congress was at least trying to help but couldn't because of Hoover.

What does he do wrong?

He refuses to help because he doesn't want the government involved. The Congress tried putting a bill in place that would help the farmers during the depression but since Hoover was president he figured the farmers, along with the rest of the country, could survive and get through the depression on their own without any help. When Americans needed him most he didn't want to help.

Hoover Finally Helps

When people started going on strike against the government is when Hoover finally steps in to help. He lowers mortgage rates for what home owners there are left. He put the Federal Farm Board into place so farmers would stop burning their crops and earn money from them. He made the larger banks send out loans to the smaller banks and allowed farmers to refinance their loans to avoid foreclosure.