The Amazing Art of the Getty Villa

See Statues From Zeus to Hercules

The Making and the Marble

The Getty Villa is designed after a real sunken Villa in Herculaneum, which is one of the cities that was unlucky enough to fall in mt. Vesuvius' blast radius. The Getty Villa is a replica of the villa from Herculaneum, with only one difference, the art. The statues depict Greek and Roman Gods Goddesses and Emperors. The Statues of Gods and Goddesses have them wearing traditional clothing and holding their respective items like Zeus's lightning bolt,

Other Amazing Art

Although the statues overrun the Getty there are a variety of other art that occupy the space, like vases, jewelry, limited time exhibits, and much more. The other art is, as everything else, authentic, and well worth your time. It just helps you appreciate the attention to detail and authenticity of the Getty Villa