Fourth Grade Assignment

Preparing for the writing assessments!

Monday, December 17

Over the weekend, take 20 minutes to observe your pet (if you don't have a pet, watch a neighbor's pet or visit a local park). Take notes; for example:
1. Ate
2. Chased bird
3. Used litter box
4. Etc

Bring your notes with you to school on Monday. We will be writing from the point of view of the dog, telling the story from its point of view.

We will be placing an emphasis upon word choice. Word choice is when you use vivid language to help your reader get a good picture of what you are describing. Example:
Before: The cat chased the bird.
After: The entergetic cat sprinted after the innocent bird.

You have just wrote a narrative!

After you are done writing

Draw a picture of your pet or the animal that you described; be sure that it matches the description in your writing! Example:

If not done in class, be prepared to hand in on Tuesday!