Pansophia Academy Weekly Newsletter

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The Week of March 18th


Crazy Sock Day!

PA Re-enrollement (forms sent home on March 15th)

6:00 Basketball banquet


Project Lean: Lehman, Esterline & Miller

PA Re-enrollement (forms sent home on March 15th)

8:00 Author Visit

3:00 p.m. Girls on the Run

6:00 p.m. Adult Basketball Open Gym


PA Re-enrollement (forms sent home on March 15th)

Students leave for Fine Arts trip


Project Lean: Maurer, Grable, Bird, Verde

PA Re-enrollement (forms sent home on March 15th)

3:00 Girls on the Run

5:00 p.m. Kindergarten roundup


Read all day in your PJ's- Elementary

PA Re-enrollement (forms sent home on March 15th)

Advisory Schedule- Secondary



  • Students are to immediately follow the directions of the driver.
  • Students are to sit in their seat facing forward.
  • Use of profanity is not permitted on the bus and students are to talk quietly.
  • Students are to keep all parts of their body inside the bus.
  • Students are to keep arms, legs and belongings to themselves.
  • Fighting, harassment, intimidation and horseplay are forbidden on the bus.
  • Students are not to throw any object on the bus.
  • No use of alcohol, tobacco or drugs on the bus.
  • All articles that students bring onto the bus with them must be able to fit on the student’s lap in their bus seat.
  • Do not bring any weapon or dangerous objects on the bus.
  • Students are not to damage the school bus.
  • Bus drivers have the right to assign seats to students.

Re-enrollment Forms

Re-enrollment forms have been sent home. Please return your child's re-enrollment form ASAP.

Pansophia Academy Presents Little Women

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Construction Update

I met with the field manager this week and I have good news! They have altered their starting project so that the new parking lot is the first construction project on the list. What does this mean?

  • We will not lose our parking lot in April and possibly all of May. Depends on how quick the project goes.
  • The Field Manager's work trailer will be placed outside of HS/MS hallway. There will be room for exiting the building and all construction areas will be fenced off. We will need adult eyes and bodies outside to monitor the dismissal of students.
  • We might want to consider eliminating students from exiting the building via this door.