Raymond's Run

By: Toni Bambara Created by: Payton Strickland

Plot and Theme

Raymonds Run is narrarated by Hazel AKA "Squeaky". Squeaky is the swiftest most fastest thing on the block. Her "little" brother Raymond (not little at all) has hydrocephalus. People are always making fun of his so called big head. Thats why Squeaky takes him everywhere with her. So if somebody has something rude to say they can say it to her. She'll put her fist in your face if you do.

Squeaky is on her way to her relay when she runs into trouble. Gretchen, Rosie and Mary Louise they're always talking bad. Squeaky thinks she should try to avoid them, by going the other way, but she decides not to. They told her she will lose this year. Then they start trying to mess with Raymond. Squeaky tells them if they got anything to say to him they can say it to her. So they just go seperate ways.

When Squeaky gets to the relays she sends Raymond over to the swings. Shes laying in the grass stretching before the race. Mr. Pearson is the person who signs everybody in to make sure they're here. He comes over to Squeaky and asks her if shes gonna let somebody else win this year. She gets mad at him and tells him no she will not.

Shes at the starting line getting ready to go. She starts daydreaming that shes flying. Then she stops. The gunshot fires to start the race... She wins! as she was running she saw Raymond running along the side. She realizes he is perfect. He could start racing too. Gretchen and her smile at eachother. A friendly smile. Squeakys thinks her and Gretchen aught to coach Raymond.